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    So, for all you Moms and fans of PHD over at DCA, today, for some reason that is beyond even me, :botox: I sat in on a sneak preview of the new and improved PHD.
    Basically they took out the Rollie Pollie Ollie portion of the show and replaced it with JoJo's Circus. It's still a cute show and the kids in the audience loved it!!


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    Love the way you did the spoiler info!


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      Yeah, I saw the photos of that on DarkBeer's photo site. Jojo is SO popular with the kids. I mean, those halloween costumes sold out right away, went on back order at the catalog, and sold on ebay for $300! (The only one I could find this time of the year is about $90. However, the Goliath ones were practically clearanced out at $17. Go figure. I'm glad to hear the change is successful. Is it the same at WDW? I didn't know they had Pooh characters in there too. I've always wanted to go in there, but haven't gotten around to it quite yet....


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        My daughter likes Jojo OK, but probably her least favorite Playhouse show. Rolie Polie, she loves him! one of the first songs she learned front to back. Disney playhouse has really gone to the birds in the last year though. Nick Jr. kicks its butt. Sienna is just learning how to switch channels on her own, and if disney is on, she switches to nick,, or usually puts on a pixar movie.....
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          How about details on the Jojo part? It's not really a spoiler that it's there and RPO is out. they were promoting it a month ago. But do they really shoot Goliath out of a cannon?
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            Hey, do you think they timed this switch to coincide with the release of "Robots"? It's by the same guy, only Robots isn't a Disney movie. Seems suspicious! :confused:
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              Just my opinion, but I think they should have left in RPO and gotten rid of the Pooh segment. It drags down the show.


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