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What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?


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  • [Chat] What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

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    Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

    I'd only get rid of certain things if they had worthy enough replacements.
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        Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

        Hollywoodland has so much wasted space. I would get rid of that side area in favor of a Massive attraction. This would include the removal of The Muppets and Monster's inc plus the relatively un-used sound stage buildings. Now what to put in that space several things could happen. I would love something like the Great movie ride but more updated and a little more thrilling probably. Perhaps use the Sprier Man/Harry Potter/Transformers ride technology and have it put you in the middle of some of Hollywood's most memorable movies. Or even limit it to Disney films.

        Now that i think about it you could Start the ride with a scene from Snow White and then move down the line of the Animated classics. I have always felt there should be a theater/attraction somewhere that shows the animated classics, or pays homage to them. In the queue you could have countless hours of Walt talking about some of the movies he made and how it was done etc building you up until you boarded. Then the attraction would place you in them much like the attractions at universal do.
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          Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

          I'm too tired, quite frankly, to give an in depth answer, but in a nutshell, I'd get rid of every ride that you can ride at any other amusement park - such as rides that compete for different ways to move children around in a circle - and replace them with new, unique rides you can only get in a Disney park.

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            Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

            Get rid of all the off-the-shelf rides and put in Disney-quality attractions. Maybe 2 more E-ticket-level attractions, 2 D-tickets and 2 C-tickets, and then you'd have a park worth paying to get into.


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              Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

              I would remove that concrete, smoking area excuse for a park that they replaced Maliboomer with. They should at minimum put in a real park, but should really strive to come up with an actual attraction to put in the space.
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                Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

                Originally posted by Bob Weaver View Post
                Get rid of all the off-the-shelf rides and put in Disney-quality attractions. Maybe 2 more E-ticket-level attractions, 2 D-tickets and 2 C-tickets, and then you'd have a park worth paying to get into.
                The Tea Cups and the Carousel were "off the shelf" rides. The much-missed Skyway was an "off the shelf" ride. The Fantasyland dark rides are, for the most part, patterned after carnival rides. There's nothing inherently WRONG with "off the shelf" rides, it's about how they're spruced up for the parks.

                The idea of a park filled with E-Ticket attractions is what all theme parks are going for these days.

                I wish more parks were patterned after EPCOT Center and the original Disney-MGM Studios -- the RIDES themselves are only a small part of the "event." The OVERALL experience is the mix of rides and shows, of things that HAPPEN to you during the day, of attractions that transcend the idea that there has to be a "ride," but offer enormous entertainment value overall. Think about The Great Movie Ride, the original Magic of Disney Animation, the Wonders of Life pavilion, all of World Showcase ... traditional theme-park guests who want to move from "ride to ride" were a little disappointed. Those who let themselves get immersed in the IDEA of simply being in a park with such a strong, resonating theme came to adore these parks in their original incarnations.

                Then came the marketing surveys that said, "Guests want rides, and big thrill rides at that" and "Guests are 'bored' by learning something."

                But, man, those two original parks had something truly different, truly groundbreaking.

                California Adventure COULD have been like that. Now, like everything else, it's rides, rides, rides, and the concept of an immersive, entertaining, semi-educational, lengthy, complex, distinctive "experience" is gone.

                More rides, please -- and classify them by a ticket-book system that hasn't been used in more than 30 years!


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                  Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

                  Originally posted by Cedar1234 View Post
                  •Paradise Pier
                  •Grizzly Area
                  •Pacific Wharf
                  •Bugs Land
                  •Buena Vista Street Area
                  •Condor Flats Area
                  Paradise Pier - I would remove JJ and Golden Zephyr to put in an actual beach area. This area would be home to a water play area with Mickey, Minnie, ect meek and greets. KTC would be moved and rethemed to this area. Rethemed to the beach party short with vintage cartoony fish, octopus, ect. (similar to what was done with SSS). Then retheme Screamin's queue/ station to a Victorian building with pictures of classic wooden coasters of the 1920's. Make up some new owner/ inventor who has created a new inverting coaster... Blah blah blah you get the idea. Add a new fun house dark ride (haunted mansion) in the maliboomer park. Then add a new expansion area in the other Screamin' helix. This new expansion area would have a aquarium that went around the entire area. A small theater area would be the new home for Turtle Talk with Crush. The center of the area would house a slightly rethemed JJ.

                  Grizzly Peak - add animatronic animals, miners, and grizzly bears to GRR. Add a mine train that travels through Grizzly peak (area to include Condor Flats). Then add a new version of Country Bears to the grizzly pass area near the San Francisco buildings.

                  Pacific Wharf - add a new Maelstrom style boat ride themed to 1900's fishing voyages. Have it splash down into Paradise Bay and add animatronic sea lions, seals, and pelicans. The inside would take guests along with fishermen as they experience storms, sharks, and other nautical encounters. The small multi-story show building would replace the restaurants on the PP side of the Wharf. This would make the area a scaled down version of NOS (the area most mimics).

                  Bugs land - I would remove Lady Bug Boogie, Tuck & Roll, and Heimlich's. Then retheme the rest of the area to (including Flick's Flyers) to 1940's Hollywoodland. Flik's would remain but be rethemed to fit with the area. The rest of the area would be used for a Great Movie ride (scaled down with different ride vehicles but similar in concept). It's tough to be a bug would be replaced by a El Camino reel (new area leading from BVS to PP) show. The new show, starring goofy, takes guests on a journey through the great state of California. Camping trips in Yosemite, traffic jams in LA, steep hills in San Francisco, ect end with Goofy ending up in hilarious situations (think Mickey's Philharmagic meets classic Goofy cartoons). Along the way various characters make appearances (Donald caused the traffic jam, Oswald rides past in a trolley in San Francisco, Huey, Duey, and Luey get chased by Humphrey the bear, ect).

                  ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 01:51 AM ----------

                  Hollywoodland - animation building would get a new character talk that would replace turtle talk with crush. The new interactive show would rotate through various characters throughout the day (similar to animation academy). It would be basically the same as turtle talk with crush but with different characters rotating through. A new Rocketeer ride would replace the Hollywood and dine building. Retheme Monsters inc to a gangster ride (with an extension into the millionaire building). Lots of other ideas but I'm tired and it's bedtime haha
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                    Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

                    Here's my breakdown, land by land in a couple of phases

                    Phase 1:
                    Start with the Screaming queue and the Eastern Helix. I would close Monsters Inc. on the backlot, and transfer the animatronics to a new home in the eastern helix of the pier. Triton's Carousel would be removed in favor of a nice Victorian show building with a Mike Wazowski barker to compliment Potato Head. This would be like a traditional 2-story spook house, but with a Monster's flare. I'd use the Pooh's Honey Hunt trackless vehicles to tell the story. Along with this redo, we'd get a era-appropriate queue for Screamin. With Monsters gone from the backlot, I'd build a rocketeer flying coaster. It's both land and era appropriate, and who wouldn't want to fly through the streets of 1930's Hollywood? We could also throw in the redo of the Hyperion facade in this budget.

                    Phase 2:
                    A Bug's land. While the theming is amazing, the rides leave a lot to be desired. Remove Tuck and Roll as an entry point for a new immersive A Bug's Life dark ride that the whole family can enjoy.

                    Phase 3:
                    The Western Helix: Import a version of Mystic point. Sideshows and museums celebrating exotic cultures were prominent at this point. I know this is supposed to be the Haunted Mansion of Hong Kong, but it's not haunted at all. It's a bunch of enchanted artifacts which seems like it could be fun, immersive and very theme-appropriate.

                    Phase 4: Rip out the challenge trail and build a raft ride using the new water EMV. This would bring another immersive e-ticket to Grizzly Peak.

                    Phase 5
                    Soarin' is already aging by this time it can be replaced.


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                      Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

                      move autopia into carsland. and replace maliboomer with something other than a smoking area. smoking is gross anyways. redo screamin's queue. i dont think anything should be torn down but i wouldnt mind a circus area added behind paradise pier and a new darkride.

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                        Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

                        Originally posted by EC82 View Post
                        •Condor Flats Area
                        Add some shade. Give us some explanation SOMEWHERE of what this area is supposed to represent. Most people don't get it at all, that in the high desert of California is where the test pilots used to work. Do something to put some "there there," and give us some context -- even a tiny walk-through would be nice. Conceptually, I really like this area, but they forgot to explain what it is and why it's important to California.
                        They tried to do that with the queue in Soarin'. Unfortunately, you either breeze thru it with a FastPass, or you have to wait in a long line to read it.

                        I agree, more shade!

                        Originally posted by sleepyjeff
                        Before we totally disregard extremism; lets remember the lesson of the 3 little pigs.

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                          Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

                          This is irrelevant at this point but I don't always like how theming trumps keeping something that was working. I liked the sun waterfall and I liked the Golden Gate Bridge. I thought others felt that way too. The waterfall was very nice and you could sit and look at that for a long time. A self-contained, visually interesting element that had a cycle. I wish they could have kept that but if necessary they could have put it in a different location maybe so how about something unexpected rather than making theming the ultimate priority? My personal Disney expectations would not be theming but quality, cleanliness, service, magic, and top-of-the-line experiences. JMO.


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                            Re: What would you change or add or get rid of in these areas of DCA?

                            I don't think Paradise Pier is there yet. There are so many thematic elements and attractions specific to 1920s amusement parks, such as Wurlitzer band organs,whip rides, sideshows, creepy funhouses, and grand ballrooms. It would be difficult to pull off new versions of these. There is something special about stepping into the carousel at Santa Monica, it smells old.

                            One thing I never thought about until writing this post is that Paradise Pier is actually not a pier at all. Tom Sawyer Island is an island, and Main Street is a street, and Grizzly Peak is, by golly, a peak! Maybe that is why it feels slightly off.

                            To respond to other posters ideas:

                            I think moving Autopia into Carsland is the department of redundancy department

                            And as I have said before, I have no problem with the small scale attractions in Bugs land. The parks need to offer different sized offerings. All amusement parks, even Disneyland, are designed by providing different scaled rides. For instance, the roller coaster attracts you to the park, but there are smaller rides like funhouses and bumper cars when you get there.

                            The "main draw" of the park, let's say the rollercaoster, is significantly downplayed when everything is the rollercoaster.


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                              A bugs land would be removed completly, in it's place would be a land devoted to Mexican era California called Lozano springs. There would be two e tickets, Bandito chase where you pursuit bandits to retreve stolen money, and legends of the west a boat ride where you encounter some of spanish california most famous legends such as la llorona, Zorro, and others.



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