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Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!


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  • Trip Report Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

    Happiness is using a 4 Day Parkhopper at Disneyland and DCA.

    I live in Chicago, so I have to travel through Ohare Airport to get to Anaheim, California where Disneyland is located. The first thing that I noticed at my home town's airport was this huge skeleton of a dinosaur. I snapped a few pictures, and then I was on my way to gate #B12.

    I settled in at my gate, and soon realized that my iPad had absolutely no power. I surmised that I had not turned it off correctly. I looked for one of those charging stations, and I soon settled for just a regular outlet. I discovered that I would not have time to charge it up again before my flight took off.

    While I was distracted by the iPad problem, I also realized that I was sitting at the wrong gate. It was lucky for me that the correct gate was right next store at #B11.

    Shortly after settling in at #B11, an announcement was made that our flight would be delayed. I sat a little dazed that my vacation was getting off to a rocky start. A 2nd announcement was made shortly after that we would all have to move to Gate #C29, and our flight would depart about a 1/2 hour late. This turned out to be false, and our plane actually touched down in Santa Anna an hour late. I was never so bored during a plane trip. If only I could learn how to nap on an airplane.

    I was picked up at the airport by a friend from MiceChat and his wife. That part went really well, and I was actually at my hotel about 7 p.m. in the evening. So, all in all, I spent about 8 1/2 hours traveling.

    Too late to go to Disneyland, but then I knew that when I planned the trip. I would have the next 4 full days to enjoy the two parks, and hop to my heart's content, and I did plenty of that.
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    Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

    A nice start, but I want to see more!

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

      Yay! A Barbarann Trip Report! Almost like being there.

      Hope that iPad wasn't your only entertainment option on board.
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        Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

        Trip report!!! Whooo Hooooo!

        Help me get more security in Pingvinivlle! Click here!

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          Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

          I stayed at a hotel called Dolphin's Cove. My husband and I own points in Wyndham, so this vacation was costing me points, rather than regular dollars. I really liked the resort, despite the fact that it is the furthest hotel that I have stayed at during all my total Disneyland trips.

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            Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

            can't wait for more.


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              Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

              Can't wait to see all your pics!!


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                Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

                After I checked in, and checked out my room, I took a very long walk down Harbor Blvd in the dark, because I wanted to eat dinner at Tony Roma's. That restaurant is almost directly across from Disneyland. Just because I wasn't going to visit the park that first night, didn't mean that I couldn't go give a "look-see" to what was going on in the Esplanade.

                I had a chicken sandwich that had bacon, and jack cheese on it. I also had their sweet potato fries, which were so yummy. They are served with a maple-syrupy dipping sauce. I washed it all down with raspberry ice tea.


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                  Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

                  Can't wait to see more!! Keep them coming!!!!
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                    Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

                    Just as I was coming out of Tony Roma's, and I was about to cross Harbor Blvd, I heard the fireworks over my head. I stayed there for a while, and attempted to get some decent photos of the fireworks. As you can see, I need help in that department.

                    ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 08:26 AM ----------

                    I took my first picture on this trip of the Disneyland Entrance Sign, and then I crossed over Harbor Blvd. Each and every time I do this, I am reminded of my home town of Chicago, which has the same types of streets, crosswalks, and traffic lights. If only ........

                    ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 08:29 AM ----------

                    I wanted to get some night pictures of the new entrance to California Adventure which I will now call DCA from this point on in my trip report. They started out pretty bad, but they got a little bit better, even before editing,

                    ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 08:33 AM ----------

                    I also took some photos of the Disneyland Entrance as well. Not so good photos, by the way. They got better later on in my my visit.

                    ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 08:37 AM ----------

                    I noticed that you could see the top of the Carthay Circle Theatre, so I took a few photos of that.

                    I also noticed the very tip top of the Fun Wheel in one of my photos, which I thought was kind of cool at the time. I believe that I was taking that photo, during the night's 2nd showing of World Of Color.

                    ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 08:46 AM ----------

                    There were beautiful roses everywhere, and my last photo of the night was to be of the very popular Mickey Benches that are a favorite of my mine.

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                      Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

                      I got a really good night's sleep in my hotel, and since I was up quite early, I decided that Tuesday would be my early entry day. I even posted that very thing on MiceChat that morning. I loved the fact that my iPad was now fully charged, and that my room wifi worked perfectly. Next time, I will pack a little extra something to do on the flight out, rather than just the iPad.

                      I have made the photos smaller for this trip report, because they load a whole lot quicker. I shot them all at the best resolution, so they shouldn't be too bad overall.

                      Here is the door to my room. I was very close to the lobby, and very close to the pool. I didn't use the pool, but had I know how hot it would get in the afternoon, I might have been tempted to take advantage of a dip in the pool, and a soak in the hot tub. I had to pass through the pool area, each day, on the way out of the resort

                      I also passed by this very small fountain, that was located on Orangewood Avenue. It marked the spot where one must turn in, in order to access the lobby.

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                        Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

                        Nice trip report so far. I always enjoy your TRs they are so much fun to read I always stay next to that Tony Romas at the Ramada it;s part of the Wyndym rewards network so i use my points there and the HOJO of course!!! Can't wait to see more!!!!
                        These are some of my favorite TRs I have posted

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                          Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

                          There's a Denny's restaurant on the corner of Harbor and Orangewood. I could have eaten there, but I never did that during my trip.

                          ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 11:12 AM ----------

                          I could have used my ART pass that first morning, and caught the bus near the Travelodge Hotel, but I decided to walk instead. These are some of the locations that I passed. One of them being the Candy Cane Inn, which I have stayed at, and enjoyed.

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                            Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!



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                              Re: Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!

                              I saw Palm Trees, and if you happen to know me, you know that I just love the California Palm Trees.

                              ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 11:38 AM ----------

                              I have this thing about signs. I love to take pictures of them. What better street to pass by on a stroll to Disneyland in the early morning, than one called Disney Way.

                              ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 12:11 PM ----------

                              Here is the back of that sign that I took a picture of the front of on my first night. It thanked me for coming. I guess it didn't realize I was going in for the first time.

                              ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 12:13 PM ----------

                              Surprisingly enough, I love these sights. It means I am getting very close to where I want to be. I was fortunate, in that I could take either Bus #1, 0r bus #3 to my resort.

                              ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 12:24 PM ----------

                              Now make sure you are prepared before you get to the Security Tent. It makes things go a whole lot faster.

                              ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 12:27 PM ----------

                              The DCA entrance looked really cool in the morning light. Again, notice the Carthay Circle in the background.

                              ---------- Post added 06-04-2012 at 12:43 PM ----------

                              They were a little late letting people into the park that morning, but I wasn't in too much of a hurry. I wanted to savor the moment of being back in my beloved Disneyland. There are some pictures that I always take. The clock, the floral, and the sign on the tunnel.

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