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Disneyland and WDW on Television


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  • Disneyland and WDW on Television

    OK folks, I have the following shows on tape (plus many more Disney related shows). If you are interested in these, please drop me a line through my website or with a posting. I would be willing to trade with you for some that I do not have.

    Disneyland Shows on TV

    The Disneyland Story 10/27/54

    A Further Report on Disneyland (also called the pre-opening report) 7/13/55
    Dateline Disneyland 7/17/55
    A Trip Through Adventureland/Water Birds 2/29/56
    Disneyland USA 1956
    Disneyland the Park/Pecos Bill 4/3/57
    An Adventure in the Magic Kingdom 4/9/58
    Gala Day at Disneyland
    Bell Telephone Hour: The Sounds of America 2/17/61

    40 Pounds of Trouble (Disneyland scenes only) 1962
    Disneyland After Dark 4/15/62
    The Golden Horseshoe Revue 9/23/62
    Holiday Time at Disneyland 12/23/62

    Disneyland Tenth Anniversary 1/3/65
    Jack Benny Hour Goes to Disneyland 11/3/65
    Disneyland Around the Seasons 12/18/66
    Disneyland: From the Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow 1/21/68
    The Magic of Disneyland 1969?
    Disneyland Showtime 3/22/70
    Sandy in Disneyland 4/10/74
    Christmas in Disneyland 12/6/76
    Disneyland 25th Anniversary 9/14/80
    Disneyland 30th Anniversary 2/18/85
    Disneyland 35th Anniversary 2/4/90
    Disneyland Inside Out 1995 (all episodes)
    Disneyland Inside Out 1996 (all episodes)
    Light Magic 1997
    New Tomorrowland 1998

    Walt Disney World Shows on TV

    Project Florida 1967
    The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World 10/29/71
    The Magic of Walt Disney World
    Welcome to the World 3/23/75
    The Mouseketeers at Walt Disney World 11/20/77
    A Dream Called Walt Disney World
    Opening of Epcot 10/23/82

    Disney Family Albums (numerous episodes)

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    Re: Disneyland and WDW on Television


    That's some collection!



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      Re: Disneyland and WDW on Television

      I have nothing to trade you, but how much would you charge for copies of these programs?

      Photos, news, and commentary every week from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom!


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        Re: Disneyland and WDW on Television

        And just about every one of them are still fun to watch. Reminds me of when I used to go to Disneyland as a child.


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          Re: Disneyland and WDW on Television

          I have nothing to trade you, but how much would you charge for copies of these programs?

          Which shows were you interested in?


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