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Where the Hidden Things Are.


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  • Where the Hidden Things Are.

    Okay, I wanted to know, what is the best hidden features, details, characters, facts, and other assorted things that:

    A) You want to search for and find in Disneyland or
    B) You have found interesting in Disneyland?

    Please do not post any links to any other sites that tell where hidden characters are because I want to know what hidden features in Disneyland YOU like the most or have heard about and would like to find for yourselves.

    The things I want to search for and find in Disneyland are the 3 mounted heads from the Country Bears that now are hidden in the Winnie the Pooh Ride. I have seen pictures of them on the ride, But I would like to see them in person for myself.

    The things I have found interesting about Disneyland is how every time you go there, you seem to find a new detail.

    The facts about Disneyland that I find interesting is that it was built on an Orange Orchard, Walt Disney lived in an appartment on top of the Main Street Fire Station, The Disney Gallery was meant to be another appartment for the Disney family until the plans fell through when Walt passed away, and that Walt originally wanted real animals to be featured in the Jungle Cruise ride until those plans fell through because most animals would be too unpredictable and probably sleep during the days.

    How about you chatters?

    (remember, please do not post any links to any other website )

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    Re: Where the Hidden Things Are.

    The hidden tidbit I liked learning when I took my tour of Walt's apartment was the patio area that he used to watch people and the parade. I see where the patio is every time I look at the apt now.If you look between the rooftops of the fire station and City Hall, it's behind the fence up there. It's a nice area and I would have loved to spend more time up there...maybe during a parade.
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