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Favorite BVS and Cars Land Details!


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  • Favorite BVS and Cars Land Details!

    For those of us lucky enough to have visited these two highly detailed and richly themed lands, and for those future visitors or admirers who want to know more, what are your favorite details in BVS and Cars Land? With so many it's hard to narrow the list but I'll try. Here's mine:

    • The radio playing in Oswalds. Really great audio from this. The beautiful car out front is also a favorite.
    • The tile work everywhere! All those tile murals are great and seem to show a nice balance of old coastal and foothill LA landscapes. My favorite is on the Chamber of Commerce building. It's a mural showing a vintage touring the forest below Mt Wilson and its observatory.
    • The window displays at Los Feliz Five and Dime. The baseball one is great and I love the book one. Many great books that all served as inspiration for Disney movies and shows, what looks like a prop dive helmet from 20,000 Leagues, and my favorite book which was a fake collection of Davy Crockett Adventures featuring Grizzly Peak as background on cover. Awesome touch!
    • The different "departments" in Elias and, men's, women's, and children's. Children's had a great celestial storybook look complete with cover jumping over the moon.
    • The light figures in all the buildings are gorgeous. We need a guide to all the different ones.
    • Little props and pictures up in all the establishments that help tell the story.
    • FF&P Cafe. The whole building is beautiful! The pictures and posters on wall for fictional Silver Lake Sisters is awesome and the girls just look the part.
    • The advertisements in RCT.
    • The bear and beehive bas relief above Trolley Treats. Favorite piece!

    Cars Land:
    • That rock work!!!!
    • The landscaping is incredible! Love the desert landscaping and they still managed to make it look "lush". Strange cacti, palo verde, yucca, juniper, sycamore...just great! Its so little but I'm so glad they put the cottonwoods and poplar trees in land just like movie. Growing up in desert there's just something great about bright green flittering leaves of cottonwood against sandstone cliffs.
    • The "Radiator Springs...A Happy Place" painted mural on side of building hidden away in front of courthouse.
    • All the signs on Lizzie's including the great Cars Land specific pin trading sign with Stanley.
    • All of Flos! The curbs and side rails near food pick up are awesome, chrome details, and the jukebox soft drink dispensers.
    • Cozy Cone! The office is the best, full of great props and hidden Buzz! It really captures Rt 66 kitsch. The trees with orange cone shaped flowers is perfect!
    • The beaded door and tie dye aprons at Fillmores! Psychedelic!
    • Songs on Maters and the landscaping around there.
    • Earth car in display case and the display mirror in Luigis queue.
    • All of RSR queue! The spring, bottle house, and all the buildings. Great storytelling!
    • "poetic" signs lining road of Ornament Valley.
    • National Park style display board of Cadillac Range and Ornament Valley geology and vegetation. This is my favorite I think!
    • All the varying car colors and faces on RSR. And the changing dialogue of characters in's not same every time.
    • Car plants around land.
    • Neon!

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