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What's up? I need my info for opening day (and the night before)!


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  • What's up? I need my info for opening day (and the night before)!

    Having never tried to go on one of these big days, I have to say I am a little surprised that there is radio silence on the details about what Disney expects people to do regarding lining up for June 15. Not like this hasn't happened recently or that they don't know people will camp out. Is it part of their plan to not say anything in hopes that that will keep the craziness down? It would be nice to know when people are allowed to line up, if the garage actually is open, when the doors will open and for whom/how many people, etc.. And for the merchandise sold in the Animation Building, it says "operating hours will vary." Does that mean open at 9am? I'd like to know ahead of time if I am going to enter the park and turn left to get in that line, or up to CL FP distribution for that line... Ya'll see what I mean here right?

    Have I missed something? Because as of now I can't find anything online that gives a clue. I'm just working off what others said happened at previous events.


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    Re: What's up? I need my info for opening day (and the night before)!

    I am right there with you on this...trying to figure out what to expect...
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      Re: What's up? I need my info for opening day (and the night before)!

      It is very frustrating. I know for OMDD there was no information put out and I was getting so upset. The day before, I went to all kinds of Guest Services within the parks to try and get information for the next day and there was nothing. No CM knew anything helpful. The actual OMDD was a disaster, and I guess information was released the night before online, which I didn't know because I was in the parks, not online. You'd think they would have learned from this.. What a mess.

      I hope for everyone that they come out with ANYthing soon. Any news. They sure have given out a ton of news for all the previews, why not the actual opening day? Booo!

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      I just called, and they don't have any new information at Guest Services as of yet, which isn't surprising. I doubt they will get anything, even having any info the day before. They always say to check the blogs or Twitter. I don't twitter, maybe I'll need to start. I wonder how much they plan on saying at the Disney Blogs live webcast.

      Nonetheless, what she did tell me, was that once you're in and hand stamped, your counted in towards the days count so you can get back in. And that it shouldn't be a problem to have your young children or older adults join you in the line later in the morning. Didn't give a time up to when they can join you, which is what I mainly wanted to know, so I guess I really didn't find out much at all : /
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        Re: What's up? I need my info for opening day (and the night before)!

        There is this thread, but it only covers the entertainment schedule within the park:


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          Re: What's up? I need my info for opening day (and the night before)!

          They are more concerned with Weds Celeb grand opening right now.. im sure details will come out by thurs AM.


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