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All about the Pools: Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian


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  • [Question] All about the Pools: Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian

    Hi All. I am an Australian planning on taking my two kids (6 and 9) to DL in July. I have read a lot of about the differences between the Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian but not a lot about the differences between the pools. We plan to spend at least one rest day by the pool. So please share your advice and experience on the different pools. I am particularly interested in
    - which has the best water slides and play areas
    - size of the pools
    - do the hotels organise pool activities
    - are there any rules and regulations I should know about

    Many thanks

    Finally - do you know if either the DLH or GCH organise babysitters?

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    Re: All about the Pools: Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian

    Welcome to Mice Chat!

    From what I've seen, the Disneyland Hotel has the better pool area for kids. They just recently renovated it and added the new monorail slides. The Grand's pool is a little more refined, with more of an adult feel to it. (I've never actually used either pool, but I'm going by sight). The Disneyland Hotel's new rooms are also probably more interesting to children because they have those built-in fiber optics in the headboards for the beds.

    I'm not sure how the laws work for public pools in Australia, but you should bear in mind that diving is generally not allowed at public pools in California because pools are generally not deeper than 6 feet per building code. As for babysitting, I'm not 100% sure. That would be something that I would contact Disney about directly. Since you're in Australia, I would try sending them an e-mail as it would be cheaper.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

    Hope you have an amazing trip, and make sure you grab the kids some "First Visit" buttons from Guest Relations when you enter the park (they're free).


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      Re: All about the Pools: Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian

      If you care about the pool area then definitely the DL hotel... its by far the largest pool area at the DLR... though if you want a jaw dropping lobby go for the grand... though my home in Anaheim has always been the DL hotel so I really just prefer it... here's some links to the hotels pool sites
      DLH Recreation & Activities | Disneyland Hotel | Disneyland Resort
      Grand Recreation & Activities | Grand Californian hotel | Disneyland Resort

      The pictures on their websites may make the two hotels look pretty equal but the DLH just went through a major refurb and has a lot more at it pool area, that I'd say your kids would enjoy much more.


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        Re: All about the Pools: Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian

        SoarinMatt has good pool information and I'd agree the DLH will have the better pool for you.

        In the GCH is Pinnochio's Workshop, it's an evening activity open to all resort hotels guests children. Basically to let the parents have a quiet evening without the kids. It's for kids not babies and will work for you.

        There is also in room baby sitting available. It's done by a third party and you arrange it through Disney. I would call your hotel or email them with questions as suggested above.
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          Re: All about the Pools: Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian

          Many thanks for the tips. DLH it is!


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            Re: All about the Pools: Disneyland Hotel vs Grand Californian

            Here is also a link to the hotel comparison page.
            Disneyland Hotels Comparison | Disneyland Resort
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