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Radiator Springs Racers Line Question


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  • Radiator Springs Racers Line Question

    A couple of quick questions about the line for the ride:

    1. Where is the 4/5+ hour line kept? Does anyone have any pictures or can someone provide a detailed description?

    2. How long is the wait from under the attraction sign? Just curious about what to expect from that point later this week.

    3. What pace does the line move at? (What attraction's pace is it most similar to?). We all know how much Fastpass can slow things down, Indy's load pace would be totally manageable if not for Fastpass, but what effect does it have here. So is this more of a Dumbo paced line or a Haunted Mansion paced line (I'm assuming somewhere in the middle)?
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    paradise pier point

    On friday we stood in line for 2 hours even while some of the time the ride was down, and that was after zigzagging back and forth and only ended up on the back side of flos to find out that the line continued thru pacific wharf up to the bridge that goes to pp. Thats where the 4-5 hour mark was on friday. Never made it on, we gave up as we only had one day at both parks visiting from phoenix. My advice is to wait until the park almost closes and then hop in the line or maybe the single rider, that was less.
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      Re: Radiator Springs Racers Line Question

      I rode during a preview, so it wasn't too crazy. But from what I could tell, the line ran pretty smooth. They load 4 cars at once which each seat 6 people so each load cycle sends out 24 people. Indy loads 24 as well (2 cars of 12) so my best bet is once things settle down the line should move about as fast as Indy, but be better paced due to the better fastpass queue design.


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        Re: Radiator Springs Racers Line Question

        the extended line starts where the sign is but makes a different turn near the back of Flo's V8 and zigzags all the way out the Pacific Wharf entrance and back. the pace is like Indy but managable and the normal wait once you walk under the sign is 2 hours

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        oh and just because youre near the load doesnt mean youre almost there. there is ALOT of zig zagging before you approach the ride

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