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Hidden Mickey


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  • Hidden Mickey

    Hi I'm new here. I found a hidden Mickey in the haunted house on the table where they're dancing, does anyone else know about this?
    Last edited by JesusAKAGod; 12-30-2005, 01:16 AM.

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    Re: Hidden Mickey

    Uh, do you mean the plates on the table?


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        Re: Hidden Mickey

        Hi JesusAKAGod!!!! Welcome to MiceChat!!!!! Yes, altough it technically isn't a Hidden Mickey that's acknowledged by the Immagineers, it's a very popular
        Hidden Mickey. If you want to find out much more about Haunted Mansion secrets and behind the scenes stuff, visit
        I have a dream
        A song to sing
        To help me cope
        Trough everything

        If you see the wonder
        of a FairyTale
        You can take the future
        even if you fail...

        I believe in Angels
        Something good in everything I see
        I believe in Angels
        When I know the time is right for me...

        I'll cross the stream.... I have a dream


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