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Disneyland Resort Changes


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  • [Idea] Disneyland Resort Changes

    OK this is my first post and i would like everyone to keep an open mind about what i say.

    All of the resorts at Disneyland are top quality except one...Paradise pier hotel. this hotel runins the whole feel of California adventure and should be replaced with a Victorian looking hotel.

    Once that hotel is done i think it would be cool to have the hotel Mira Costa from Tokyo Disney. it would be right across from the new Paradise pier hotel with a beautiful body of water between like the old Disneyland hotel. this would also give the opportunity for those Venice gondolas to roam through and out of the Mira Costa stye hotel. Plus all of the additional recreation water brings.

    Disneyland is practically perfect in every way. we all know tomorrow land fails and needs major upgrades. plus additional rides need to be added.

    Frontier land
    big thunder mountain is the only real attraction here. I say we ditch the whole wizard of oz thing and bring Western river expedition. sure the facade wouldn't be a towering rock structure like cars land but it could have the facade of a western town with rock work behind it. I also would imagine the queue area being very detailed and winding.

    Fantasy land
    this is my favorite land but there are some low parts. with the new beautiful princess fair coming i say that the imagineers demolish the ugly tent meet and greet to bring the be our guest restaurant to California. one thing i noticed is that Disneyland does not have a lot of nice sit down restaurants to enjoy with great meet and greats. Blue Bayou is the only place to eat that is very detailed with decent food to sit down and order.

    OK i may be beaten for this but i think its a small world has an ugly facade. it does not fit fantasy land. i always thought it belonged in Epcot or even tomorrow land. so seeing that the facade will most likely stay i say we paint it like the Paris version which looks more like a colorful castle.

    then i would love to see captain hooks ship return. it would be where the motor boats once sat and take up some of the small world mall. this time around there would be nicer rock work and more ornate designs on the ship. not only would it be a restaurant and meet and greet (which would take place in the skull rock caves) but also the pirates league shop from Disney world.

    and lastly i would want too see the monorail beams retheamed or rerouted. the Matterhorn deserves a better queue experience. that being said i would add more of the village facade and more covered areas talking about the journey that's waiting.

    OK that's all for today i will post back later on tomorrow land, then move to DCA and the rest of the resort. Please keep in mind this is meant to be within a 20-40 year time period considering we just got a major remodel

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    Re: Disneyland Resort Changes

    I enjoyed reading your post. I have to agree with mostly everything you mentioned. Captain Hook's ship and Skull Rock would be awesome.


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      Re: Disneyland Resort Changes

      thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it!


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