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  • [Chat] Mastering the Matterhorn

    I have been keeping an eye on this forum in anticipation of my Saturday trip and here are the "tips" I have gotten for riding Matterhorn.
    - Tomorrowland side is a shorter line than the Fantastyland side (hasn't it always!? )
    - Single Rider is the way to go! 60min line cut down to 10-15 minutes)
    - Be prepared if you're over 6ft for discomfort (although the 3rd seat may be okay. I've heard conflicting reports)

    Am I right?

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    Re: Mastering the Matterhorn

    When I went yesterday they combined both sides into one line and then you would verge into one of the two sides.


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      Re: Mastering the Matterhorn

      for tall people just stay away from the front seats (1 and 4) and be prepared for discomfort regardless since the ride is much more bumpy and there is NO padding on those seats.


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        Re: Mastering the Matterhorn

        I rode in the new vehicles on Friday of last week. i am over 6ft tall, and I found the third seat to have the most room. The catch is you have to know how to sit in it. You have to fit you legs in the small "cubby" holes. I have found I have to keep m,y legs straight as I lower myself into the vehicle. It is kind of trying to fit into Ripsaw Falls at Islands of Adventure. If I didn't put my legs in the "cubby" holes then my knees would be under my chin.


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          Re: Mastering the Matterhorn

          Thank you for the "tall" tips! My boyfriend is 6'2" and I want him to enjoy this! Are they accomodating if you specifically request a certain seat in the bobsled?
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            Re: Mastering the Matterhorn

            I didnt notice any differences from the last time I rode this ride 6 months ago besides the Yeti growls are louder and the paint job on the new cars. its still equally as uncomfortable and rough as it was before and they didnt add anything new inside. which is not a bad things but they coulda made this whole refurbishment a good thing.


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              Re: Mastering the Matterhorn

              I am 6-1 I fit fine but the seats suck so bad No padding really bothered me.
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                Re: Mastering the Matterhorn

                Personally I had the best results sitting with my legs crossed.

                I figured it out "accidentally" the first time I sat in Row 1, & the next ride in row 3 I couldn't get my body to bend enough even with my feet in the cubby holes, so I tried it again & it worked.


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