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Disneyland Resort Changes Part2


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  • [Idea] Disneyland Resort Changes Part2

    Hey everyone this is part 2 the link to part 1 is here:

    so I'm just gonna jump right into Tomorrow-land


    In my opinion this land has three solid good rides, star tours, space mountain,and buzz light-year. but once all those rides are experienced people just leave the whole land. what tomorrow-land needs is a ride like Haunted Mansion/ POTC. something that is classic and adventurous. i don't know what that would be any ideas? all i know is it would take up innovations an maybe pizza port. also nemo needs to leave and put a smaller autopia there. then i would remove the other autopia and all that monorail / people mover track to expand fantasyland. the people mover would come back and still go over autopia just not as long. then the monorail will be rerouted to no longer go inside fantasyland. now the facades and interiors of this land are pretty sore. i would put astro orbiter back where it belongs and redo all facades and interiors to look like Paris's discovery island. oh i forgot th people mover track would not go straight down the street but on the sides like magic kingdom Florida.

    that is all for Disneyland.

    Disney California Adventure

    Paradise Pier
    i posted this section before:
    This is what paradise pier was meant to look like during the expansion. Based off of the art there appeared to be a beautiful theatre which would be a great place for the resurrection of the Mickey mouse revue. Plus screamin got lights on its "wood" and it's supports got covered with nice perminant looking walls. What all of the rides need are new solid queues. The cement needs to be wood and certain attractions need to be closed. I think jumpin jellyfish must leave along with zeypher and goofy. . What should take its place is a white star ship ex. Titanic or the Columbia from Tokyo Disney sea. The fact that a beautiful ship would be in pp sounds nice. Then I would try to plus screamin with facades blocking the outside world and a light house In the circle of sand that sits at the end of the ride. Plus with a grand redo of the facade and dining experience at Ariel's grotto this side of the pier would look very nice. All pp needs is better theming and the removal of attractions and shops for better not necessary Disney attractions.Also as I said before better hotels to blend pp and pph together.

    Hollywood land

    this has the potential to be one of the best areas of the park. first what i would change is the Hyperion theater. i would put a fake mountain that resembles the mountain with the Hollywood sign on it only it would say hollywood land. this concept art shows what would change. the whole area's facades would change to join buena vista street and HTH. i would keep the theaters facade that is in the concept art but just add the mountain. plus the theater would receive a permanent grand lobby.

    Moving on to the back lot area. this rectangle area of the park, home to monster inc. and muppets will completely change. here we would break away from the 20's and 30's era and transition to the sixties. this was the golden age for Disney so i feel we should honor its accomplishments. here i would put a ride that is kind of like the great movie ride only that it show the animated movies from the companies beginning to the sixties. Scenes from snow white dumbo Cinderella and fantasia for example would be in here showing the best part of the films. for the fantasia sequence i personally would want night on bald mountain. then the next ride which would replace stage 17 and the Muppet's would be rockin roller coaster. here is the catch though. instead of areosmith music it would be rock music from the 60's that was popular back then. the facades for these two attractions would have lots of neon. here is how i envision the new legends of Disney ride:

    and rockin roller coaster

    while the above picture is not the best you can get the gist. then in the middle of the area where the stage is and the courtyard i would put an old fashioned diner that has the servers in the show like the prime time cafe in DHS. here is how i picture it:

    once this is done i think people would finally have a reason to go to this corner of DCA without dance parties :thumbup:
    not to mention the ugly backsides of the facades that would be retouched to look permanent.

    Bugs land

    the thing that i like about this land is the rock work and the plants. what i would want to take up this area is a section of china town, a giant garden with a Mulan dark ride (tough to be a bug) and meet n greet in her house. even though it would be nothing like the one in California.the other section of china town would be a small town with restaurants shows and a mini parade complete with dragon. also another dark ride attraction would be in the main town like POTC except showing the everyday life of old china. this is important to DCA because so much Chinese history is in California.

    Golden State

    i know Disney officially divided them into a bunch a sub lands but i don't want to list them all. when it comes to soarin over california i say that they need to completely redo the facade. its not to appealing and it should fit the older time periods of California. then for grizzly animatronic bears and other California creatures would be added. then i would demolish the challenge trail and put the country bear jamboree. i would keep the great details theaming and rock work fro the queue and keep the fact that you are still in a national park obvious with the watch towers etc. plus while you wait in line you could play on thepieces of the challenge trail that remain like the slides and zip line.

    that is all. please tell me your thoughts on this topic. there are a lot of ideas here that would take many years to complete and is not intended to sound like one giant expansion.

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    Re: Disneyland Resort Changes Part2

    For Disneyland:

    Make a 3D Wall E show for tomorrow land where Capt. EO is.
    Remove People Mover track
    Turn innovations in to some interactive Tron or Marvel like Tony Starks house or convention scene (if they so wish) attraction

    For California Adventure

    Rip out Soarin or at least update it with HD Video and Projectors it looks bad now. If they rip it out replace it with a dark ride. Like a stealth mission at night (a la space mtn) where you have to break the sound barrier and such idk


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      Re: Disneyland Resort Changes Part2

      Some of you ideas are cool, but a number of them wouldn't work. I like the idea of a ship in PP but I don't think that location would work well. I just can't envision how a ship wold even get there or where the dock would be or how it would feel realistic. Most of your other ideas for general aesthetic improvements are good and should be done for sure.

      Rockin' would take up all the back-lot. You'd have to remove Muppet's, Monster's, Stage 17 and the entire back-lot just to make space for it. I personally would hate to see that attraction in DCA, it makes no sense with the new theme. Also the 60's idea is weird and not very appealing to me and there wouldn't be space to even be able to communicate the concept anyway. Plus you'd have a huge show building that would loom over BVS and the esplanade. I think the journey through animation attraction could work, but I'd rather see a dark ride that celebrated the new 40's Hollywood theme more. Not at all a fan of a big mountain with the Hollywood sign. Completely tacky and so DCA 1.0. When half the guests of DLR literally see the real thing every day it doesn't make sense to put it in the park and it would look cheesy, just like it does in Paris. (But at least they aren't 20 miles from the real thing.)
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        Re: Disneyland Resort Changes Part2

        when it comes to the mountain i was not saying it should be mural like Paris but a real one instead. but i do see your point about the sign being to close to the real thing. i just thought it would be cool to see what the sign originally looked like before it was changed to what it is now.


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