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Paradise Pier E-ticket FUN HOUSE . . . or other DCA attraction ideas


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  • Paradise Pier E-ticket FUN HOUSE . . . or other DCA attraction ideas

    On Paradise Pier, I'd like a beautiful, E-ticket, Disney version of a ride-through FUN HOUSE with a spectacular section of various mirrors and with cutting edge (and updatable) special effects.

    1. Minnie & Minnie have to find & rescue each other from Disney villains who are trying to take away the fun out of the fun house.
    Perhaps it could end with M & M restoring the fun, and there could even be a funny tunnel of love.

    2. Maybe guests could play TAG with a hundred different (and rotating) Disney characters.
    Guests could be "it" and when they push their hands forward (the hand could be in the front of each vehicle)
    at the right time, a tag of a handprint would appear on a character,
    then that character could try to tag other characters, who could tag others and (soon) re-tag the guest.
    Maybe a tagged vehicle could have a glowing handprint with various characters repeating "You're it!"
    The last room could celebrate guests who are "it" with a song.
    Guests' (misshapen?) images could be all over the room,
    but make sure no one could ever compare this to
    Superstar Limo. (See Youtube to experience this. It was DCA's and possibly Disney's worst attraction ever.)

    What do you think?
    What ideas do you have for DCA? (Preferably ideas that haven't been done by Disney before.)
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    Re: Paradise Pier E-ticket FUN HOUSE . . . or other DCA attraction ideas

    A fun house type ride I think could be really great... though it could turn out very boring with an omnimover system or being too DCA 1.0ish... I'd imagine it would travel through all the classic fun house rooms and experiences, like mirror mazes, revolving barrels, air jets, slides, spinning and shaking floors, and lots of optical illusions... the ride system would be the trackless LPS system, not an omnimover, to give a real sense of never actually knowing where your going next.


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