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  • Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

    The few reviews I've read on the Carthay Circle Restaurant have been mostly mixed. Thanks it seems to it being a new Restaurant. But as someone who has two meals at this particular location lined up soon. I'd love to read more thoughts and perhaps some recommendations from the MiceChat community who have so far been fortunate enough to eat here, thanks.
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    Re: Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

    Have you looked at the menus yet? What are your thoughts on the food? You must want to eat there if you've made reservations? Have you put together a meal from information that is available?

    Other than that, I would STOP looking for advice from other contributors to this board. I took the advice of other posters and avoided Luigi's Flying Tires for the first week it was opened until my boyfriend put his foot down and said we were riding it and it's a really awesome ride that loaded fairly quickly and I have no complaints about at all. We were floating all over the place! Yet, people on this board were all too ready and willing to complain about it, and suggested avoiding it because it wasn't worth it. So I did. And I regret that now.

    The point is, your experience may be exactly like theirs, or completely opposite of theirs, but it will still be YOUR experience in the end. Don't let someone else's opinion/experience influence your own. I don't know what a popular restaurant would be in the United Kingdom (for reference), but I don't go searching for review after review if I want to eat at, say, the Olive Garden. I just go eat at the Olive Garden.
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      Re: Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

      Here is my short review from 6/26:

      Pappardelle Pasta with house made chicken meatballs:

      I found the meatballs to be a bit bland, but otherwise this was delicious. I highly recommend this!

      Kobe Beef Cheek Sliders:

      I didn't try these, but someone else in my party did. He liked them very much.

      Grilled Angus Flank Steak COBB Salad:

      The onion rings are very crisp. Much better than the ones at the Hungry Bear. I will definitely be back!


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        Re: Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

        Went with my wife for a nice dinner two weeks ago, overall the experience was very good.

        First, give yourself some time to have a drink at the bar downstairs. We sat at one of the few seats at the bar, had a great time bantering with the bartenders, and had some very nice drinks. They couldn't make me a Frisco (no Benedictine) but I had one of the drinks off the menu, and it was rather good. Can't recall what it was, but had a few drops of bitters on top.
        They also serve some small bites at the bar, if you want to have your appetizers there (know that they offer different things at the bar than they do upstairs).
        We were very impressed with the bar as a whole, and it will probably become a regular stop for us.

        Now, onto the restaurant...

        The restaurant was quite big, which surprised us. If it's not too hot or sunny, you might want to request a table on one of the balconies (that is, if you like to hear the sounds of Buena Vista Street while you eat). Otherwise, inside is very nicely appointed, and a nice seclusion away from the bustle of the park.

        Hopefully I can recall everything we ordered....

        As an appetizer I ordered the Firecracker Duck Wings, which were sort of like Buffalo Wings, but they were duck, in a Sriracha sauce. They were good, but I found them to be a bit oversauced. Do know that, because they are duck, they won't be as 'meaty' as other wings, and their flavor and texture will be richer.
        I did have two issues with them. First, they're messy, and in the fine dining setting, I felt a little out of place trying to pick them up out of the bowl they're served in (a plate really would have been better)
        The second issue was that there were a lot of them. So many that I wasn't sure if the appetizers were meant to be shared or not. If they were, there are just barely enough for two people, but no more. Personally, I think they should reduce the amount by two or three, reduce the cost a tiny bit to match, and then plate them with a bit more presentation.
        I honestly wouldn't order these again, though.

        For a main course, I had the rack of lamb, which was EXCELLENT. Two incredibly tender lamb chops, a very light and flavorful succotash, and a crisp fried squash blossom. I'm rather picky when it comes to lamb, as if it's slightly wrong, I simply don't care for it, but this I would definitely recommend, and would probably order it again...if it weren't for my wife's dinner....

        My wife had, as an appetizer, the grilled grape leaves and goat cheese. Wow! OK, the negatives first: like my appetizer, this one suffered from being a bit too much food for one, despite not really being presented as intended to be shared. Also, it's not served with any crackers, and it really should be. The (fantastic) bread that they had brought us worked just fine, though. Finally, it's plated a bit wrong...if I recall, there are three primary flavors...the goat cheese, a full roasted garlic, and an olive tapenade. The three should be plated separately, encouraging eaters to try each flavor on its own, and then pairing up different combinations. As it is, the three look a bit too jumbled. But, honestly all of these issues are minor...because the flavors were all SO GOOD! This is absolutely the appetizer I'd order again...Give me bread, a nice wine, and this, and I'd be a happy eater.

        For her main course, my wife ordered the Grilled Quail. Again, Wow. She definitely 'won' between us. I mean, I loved my lamb, but her quail, with the peaches and addition of the almond sauce was really beautiful. A kitchen can very easily kill small fowl, like quail, and I was a bit nervous when she ordered it, but it came out tender and just decadent. A perfect summer dinner.

        We didn't have a dessert, but since it was my birthday, they treated us to a small box with two truffles in it, which turned out to be one of the items on their menu. We took them downstairs to the bar to have with a bit of Grand Marnier, and they really were wonderful.

        As I mentioned, the service was very attentive, but obviously a bit green. We sat in the center room, so got to watch all the bustle of the kitchen and servers. It was obvious that everyone was really on their game, but also obvious that the place had only been open for a few days. I really wouldn't fault them for this, as the wine suggestion was correct, everything came out at the right time, and we never once felt overlooked. Just the opposite, in fact, as our server, busser, and the manager all connected with us at various times through the meal (we were in very high spirits, so that might have helped).

        Hopefully this helped some. If you do go, get that grape leaves goat cheese appetizer!


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          Re: Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

          I don't know what reviews you read that didn't enjoy this place, but I adored it!

          The atmosphere itself was so amazing, although I must say I felt completely under-dressed the entire time.

          To start off, we had the house biscuits. They were amazing! They had a jelly with them and it was completely top notch. I'm not a big fan of spicy food, and these had a kick, but it was all perfect texture and taste.
          I followed that with the strawberry-lemon salad. It was so refreshing and amazing, summer on a plate.
          My main dish I went with was the cavatelli pasta with lamb. Now, I feel like lamb is one of those things that can so easily be ruined, that I am normally quite hesitant to order it. But, it was their opening weekend and I felt like taking the risk so I went for it. And let me just say that I was surely not disappointed. One of the best preparations I've ever had!
          We skipped dessert, but there are so many yummy treats throughout the park, I was okay with the choice.

          Overall, I'd say you have to remember it's quality over quantity. The food is fabulous, but remember it's not a buffet. Enjoy each and every bite.

          Also! I did the World of Color seating with mine, best choice ever! But don't be fooled into thinking you can get there 5 minutes before it starts. still get there early, it's the same type of viewing area with lots of people, just a better location.

          Bon Appetit


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            Re: Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

            Did the Kobe Sliders on opening day and I REALLY liked it! The restaurant is quite amazing! I cant afford to eat there often, but I do plan on going back some day.

            And yes, did the WOC package deal and the spot was VERY good! Showed up 15 minutes before the first show on opening day and still got a great spot! Was worth the price of the meal IMO.


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              Re: Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

              I took my girlfriend to Carthay for her birthday on June 29. Reservation was @ 7:20 with inside seating. We weren't seated until about 7:35 - 7:45 which was expected. However, they sat us outside, then asked if it was ok. Would of been nice to know while we were still downstairs so we could've just waited a little bit to get inside seating, but it was our first time so we figured we'd try outside. Outside seating is not bad, but not something you'd want if you want a nice intimate dinner. We placed our orders and relaxed a bit. The table next to us then informed us that they were waiting 1 hour for their food. Kind of makes you worry, but hey, mistakes happen, right?

              Well, we didn't have to wait an hour thankfully, but we did wait 30 minutes or so for appetizers We ordered the duck wings and the gorditas, both of which came cold. They did have good flavor to them. We enjoyed the duck wings for sure. After the appetizers, they quickly took our plates and utensils and we waited maybe 15 minutes or so for out entrees. Our entrees came, I forget the name but my gf ordered the pasta dish with lamb. I ordered the steak. They didn't give us any utensils until we asked. Then, for the steak they gave me a regular butter knife. So I then had to ask for a steak knife. My steak was almost warm, but not quite. Maybe it was warm when they brought it, but since it took so long to get utensils, by the time I started to eat, it was not warm. The pasta my gf had was good, but the steak definitely wasn't a $41 steak. Not once was our water filled without us asking The people next to us got part of their meal comp'd as well as the people next to them. I don't know if it was just a bad night to sit outside or if it was a typical night, but it was not a good experience.

              Overall, the flavors of the food seemed to be quite delicious, but the service was horrible. I will try to eat there again another time after they settle in and hopefully get things running smoother. It was so disappointing, mostly because I thought I was bringing my gf to a wonderful place for her birthday, but Carthay just disappointed the both of us.


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                Re: Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

                I've been lucky enough to go to Carthay Circle twice and have two totally different reviews.

                The first time I went I was with my boyfriend it was within the opening week we had a reservation for later in the evening, when we checked in we were told to wait in the main lobby for a few moments while our table was finished being set. While within the lobby we were asked if we would like drinks, we said water as we wanted to see the wine within the restaurant first, the waiter brought us water to help us relax and enjoy the cozy tables and environment. I would say around 10 or 15 minutes later we were shown the inside of the restaurant and given the 'grand tour' and got to see almost all of the lovely paintings and photos on the walls.

                Once we got seated we ordered our food and drinks and got our water and then our mixed drinks quickly, they were quite good and blended well. It took a while to get our appetizers (the firecracker duck wings and the house biscuits) they were piping hot when we got them and they worked quite well when eaten together, and were pleasing to have.

                After the appetizers they took the plates and utensils (they didn't bring any of the house bread) and we waited about 15 or 20 minutes for our main dishes. I had ordered the pasta with lamb, my boyfriend had the quail both were very flavorful, hot and delicious. Our waters were filled without being asked and I loved almost every minute of it and could wait to go back.

                I was 'lucky' enough to go back again on June 28th with a few friends (4 people total) we again had reservations and were checked in and waited in the lobby, no water was brought and no waiter came over, it was quite busy and they did see that we were going up stairs so perhaps that was why.

                Around 10 minutes later we were taken up stairs and through the restaurant, and seated within one of the outer most parts of the restaurant before going outside. We were brought menu's however one of my friends was told they were low on utensils and glass wear so we would need to wait. The waiter took our orders but drinks took a while from the bar, and they weren't as good as the previous but still okay.

                We ordered the same appetizers (the firecracker duck wings and the house biscuits) and they were just as good as the first time and brought out to the table quickly. however at this point all we had were butter knives so it was a bit messy and they should have brought the utensils, (at this point we had waters, but they were running low and took quite a while to get refilled)

                10 or so minutes later we got our main dishes, however they came to us almost cold and had to be sent back. Once we got our food again it was okay the flavors were good but not as rich and flavorful as the first time.

                The waitress was quite rude when taking our check as my friends and I were splitting the bill and once it came to getting the discount (AP or CM) she was quite rude and stated that they don't take a discount for either one. As I had been there before I knew that wasn't true and had told her that and she got quite upset and left in a bit of a huff only to bring our fixed check back.

                it was quite a different trip from the one I had taken not even a week earlier and I walked away very disappointed, I would try it again maybe at a later date once they worked the kinks out and get it right and everything consistent.


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                  Re: Looking for Carthay Circle Restaurant Reviews

                  I had the pleasure of eating there last night with my wife. Having eaten at the other Andrew Sutton chefed restaurant numerous times (Napa Rose), I looked forward to eating here. I was not disappointed. Generally I am a safe eater. I eat the things I am already familiar with, rarely venturing outside the box. There were a few things on the menu that I really wanted to order and try, but they will have to wait until the next time. First off, when we were at DCA, together, about two weeks ago, and attemted to make reservations for last night. They were full for dinner. Last Friday (7-6), I called the reservations number, and we were able to get in at 4:50PM. We arrived on time, but we had to wait about 15 minutes before being taken upstairs.

                  We were taken to the outdoor eating area (the one above Hollywood Boulevard. I believe there are two, due to the fact that when i looked up from the side that faces the waterfall, I could see plants like the ones that were on the side we were sitting) and it was HOT! The concrete had been heating up all day. We were seated in the sun, even though we were the only ones outside, and there were tables that were protected by umbrellas. We were finally moved to a shaded table.

                  Anyways, we ordered water and wine, which came promptly. Our waters were refilled numerous times without asking. The house bread was brought out, as well as a plate of butter, with salt sprinkled over the top. It appeared and tasted like table salt, before was told it was sea salt. Anyways, it was good.

                  My wife ordered the Firecracker duck wings, I ordered the house 'biscuits'. I tried one of her wings, actually, a drumstick, and I really liked it. Now, when you hear wings in a meal setting, naturally, you think of those small ones you get with your pizza. Duh, these are wings and legs from full size birds. They are big, and you get four of them. Not as gamey as I had expected. The skin was light and relatively crunchy. The sauce was outstanding, But messy. Not as spicy (YMMV) as I expected, as I don't like (can't eat) really spicy things. The House biscuit were really good too. The Apricot-Honey dip was good also, maybe too sweet. While not spicy, it did have a good pepper taste. I think what was surprising was how oily they were. I did not realize they were deep fried to begin with, also of course, was the white cheddar cheese filling. I had taken one bite, and watched the oil drip out when I turned it sideways. We thought both apps were very good. Plates got cleared, new flatware was brought out, and we waited about 5-10 minutes for our entrees.

                  I had ordered the rib eye (guessing about 10-12 ounces) and the wife ordered the Santa Maria style Pork pot roast. The Pot roast was a little underwhelming. It was dry. No amount of sauce on the plate could fix that. The sauce was a Bing cherry-Orange vinaigrette, which was pretty tasty. I usually order my steaks (Always Rib-Eyes) at medium well. This time I ordered it MW minus, meaning just barely into the MW range. I did this so my wife would also try/like it, as she likes the temperature to be medium. It arrived well done. But the steak was so tender, it almost did not matter to me. But it was very flavorful, and the gremalata of red grape helped a little.

                  When the waitress came by and asked how the food was, i showed her my steak, and asked her how she thought it was done, and she properly guessed it as being well done. She asked if she could bring another steak, but I had already eaten over half, so I said no. And I pretty much enjoyed most of it. Also, I would not even be able to eat another steak, or even close to half. This was a lot of food.

                  At the end of the meal, she advised that they would comp our desert, which I was not going to order because we were full. But hey, it was free. So we ordered the toasted lemon pound cake with marinated blueberries, lemon curd cream, and a Tahitian vanilla chantilly. It was very good and refreshing. Since it was so hot out at the time, we did not want a heavy ice cream or chocolate desert, this fit the bill perfectly.

                  Although we enjoyed the restaurant, I think indoor dining would have been better, especially in the intense heat. The view was good, and being able to watch the parade from that view was pretty unique. We would eat here again, but maybe only a lunch until we see what the winter menu will be. Bon Appetit.


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