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A Bugs Land VS Cars Land


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  • [Question] A Bugs Land VS Cars Land

    Opening in 2002, A bugs Land was the first (sub) land added to DCA that was based entirely on a Pixar film. It's a beautiful well executed piece of the park, but I wonder, were people as excited to visit A Bugs Land as they are to visit Cars Land today? Did A Bugs Land garner any press or did it sort of just appear? Also, does anyone expect A Bugs Land to be around much longer, especially since DCA now has two Pixar lands within it's gates.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: A Bugs Land VS Cars Land

    It's like comparing a chocolate chip to a whole box of chocolates. A Bugs Land doesn't hold a candle next to Carsland in my opinion.

    A Bugs Land is now more or less just another way through to Carsland, and I don't feel like it will be around for much longer if it stays the way it is. In fact, I see this as a great opportunity to either extend Carsland or Hollywood Land a little bit. Then again, what will happen to Carsland in the near future? Will it have the same fate? And will other franchise tied rides and lands meet the same fate as well?

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      Re: A Bugs Land VS Cars Land

      In a word, NO, people werent remotely as excited about ABL the way they were about CL! I remember when it was revealed at DCA first anniversary along with TOT and while I think people generally liked the idea, it still is what it is, a glorified kiddy land, just a well dressed up one. And ABL was really a reaction from all the complaints about DCA all rolled up into one: Nothing for toddlers to do, no fantasy elements and a lack of characters, among many! So ABL was the first long term plan to correct the complaints about the park, even if it was just a small start...but it was a start.

      But you cant compare it to CL! For one thing, RSR alone is bigger than ABL. And CL pulled no punches, they went all out on everything. Even the two B ticket rides are themed to the nines with their queues. Any detail, big and small is there. ABL certainly has charm and I do think for many of us without kids, we dont really stop and admire it as much as we should, but it doesnt grab you like CL because end of the day it does scream kiddy land to most of us. And there is nothing wrong with that, but even with a bit more effort, the land still had the DCA 1.0 mentality with the rides themselves. Yes, better dressed up and tied to the land, but the rides is nothing different than what you find in every kiddy land on the planet. Whats worse is things like the bumper cars is even more timid than what you find in other places making it MORE boring for anyone over the age of 8.

      And outside of the rides, and a few bathrooms, there is nothing else in the place. No shops, shows or restaurants. CL is a fully realized land, ie, there is other things to keep you there other than the rides. You can spend 1-2 hours in CL and not ride a single thing. Thats the true testament of a well thought out land, that other elements are at play. People dont love MS because the 5 mph vehicles that takes you down the street are so cool, but because the place has so much charm and details here and there to have you snooping around it and wanting to stick around. Same for CL.

      NOT the same for ABL! Not even close if you dont have a toddler to keep you there. Its a nice area for what it is, but it was really built out of desperation and it does show when you see how much it lacks!

      That said, I rode Hemlich's for the FIRST time just last week (the first time I rode anything there in fact) and its cute! I see why it has its little following. But like so much of DCA 1.0, it couldve went further and build a real attraction that couldve gotten people from 8 to 80 to truly love it. But they were just thinking what was just good enough back then and thats what was the problem.


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        Re: A Bugs Land VS Cars Land

        ^^Excellent post! I agree on every level.

        Originally posted by WorldDisney View Post
        CL is a fully realized land, ie, there is other things to keep you there other than the rides. You can spend 1-2 hours in CL and not ride a single thing. Thats the true testament of a well thought out land, that other elements are at play.
        That's the thing, ABL looks great but it's style over substance. Or more accurately, kitsch over substance. You're absolutely right in pointing out that ABL is not fulling realized. Part of the problem is the fact that it really was created out of desperation and the part can be linked to ABL being a Sub-land.

        Now that the Bountiful Valley Farm thing is gone,(did it ever really exist out side the park map??) ABL is rather anemic and compared to BVS and CL it's pretty obvious that it should be razzed.


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          Re: A Bugs Land VS Cars Land

          Could not agree more with the "style over substance" statement. That hits the nail on the head.


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            Re: A Bugs Land VS Cars Land

            Excellent post, WorldDisney! I don't know if I've heard it explained so well before!

            However, I don't think ABL is going anywhere soon. It would take a TREMENDOUS amount of effort (and money) for Disney to do that, and they've just spent a tremendous amount of effort and money in the park. They're going to sit back for a while, and assess. It will be a long time before ABL goes away.
            Although I hope I'm wrong about that.

            No matter where you go, there you are.


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              Re: A Bugs Land VS Cars Land

              I think when Disney is ready to expand DCA on a larger scale again, and has the right properties/franchise to work with we can expect ABL to be removed. At the moment it's a perfectly suitable place holder but 10 or 15 years down the line something is bound to replace it.


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