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  • [Question] AP Passport question

    My AP expired in June, 1-2 weeks after the new prices.
    I got the Renewal papers in May and cannot renew until Aug.

    Question Is ,when I renew through the mail, will it go through as the 189.00 thats listed on the renewal notice, or will they make me pay for one at the current price of 269.00?

    this is the first time ive renewed my AP after a price change happened, the last time i renewed before the prices went up

    Also, When i renew by mail, how long does it take to arrive?
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    Re: AP Passport question

    Honestly, I'm not sure. If you really want to be sure, I would take the mailer you got up to guest services at Disneyland and ask for those advertised prices. Make sure you check for fine print saying that those prices are only valid through a certain date, or even "subject to change".
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      Re: AP Passport question

      New prices. You aren't renewing in Disneyland's eyes, you are getting a new pass.


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        Re: AP Passport question

        Take your paperwork to one of the ticket booths. They should let you renew at the old price. They did this for my GF just last Thursday and hers expired two weeks ago. The difference is that if she wanted to make the date of renewal that day, she had to pay the increase. If she chose the date of renewal to reflect the date of the expiration, the CM let her renew at the old rate.
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