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A Day at DCA?


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  • [Question] A Day at DCA?

    I'm about to go to DCA for the first time since Cars Land and Buena Vista opened, and I need some help with my day. I don't plan on going to DL for the one day. I wish to get a Fastpass for RSR, go on Mater and Luigi, see WoC (with a pair of Glow with the Show ears), and to have time to explore everything. No Mad T Party for me though. Any one have any tips?
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    Re: A Day at DCA?

    Get there when it opens...get in line for the FP (usually there is a line near the Cathy Theater) then go on the other two rides in Carsland....after that go to Toy Story (since it has no FP) Go get a FP for WOC

    By then it should be time to go on Racers...after that decide if you want to go on Racers again (if there are any FP left)

    Make sure to head to Soarin...Tot..Screamin and Grizzly earlier

    While things like Aladdin...Mermaid...the Swing..Muppets and Monsters Inc never get too bad...ohh yeah and have Fun
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      Re: A Day at DCA?

      The Fastpasses for RSR run out within the first hour and there's about a 45-minute line forming the FP's at opening. Since you only have a day at DCA, I suggest getting there right at opening, grabbing a FP, and then perhaps waiting in the Stand By line should you want to go on it again (which I can darn well guarantee that you will).

      The lines for Mater and Luigi's are not nearly as long as RSR but they can be well over an hour. Ride those first thing in the morning. Make sure to really take your time while walking down Buena Vista street. There are so many little details and so much beautiful theming going on. it doesn't even feel like you're in DCA. It's just zillions of times better.

      As I'm sure you know and have seen, Carsland at night is breathtaking. Every time I was in there, I was sublimely happy and taken aback by the amazing detail and whole look of the land. You are in for a really great time. Have a spectacular time and make sure to share pictures with us all!

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        Re: A Day at DCA?

        The folks above pretty much summed up my advised strategy... While waiting for FP's for the major attractions (RSR, ToT, Soarin, GRR etc.) I'd suggest using the in between time to check out stuff like Monsters Inc, Muppets, Mermaid, Sky School (if its not long) and some shows like Aladdin or Pixar Play Parade..
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