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Ideas for the possible Marvel Park


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  • [Idea] Ideas for the possible Marvel Park

    My general idea for a Marvel park:

    Lands –
    Manhattan: As the entrance to the park the force perspective cityscape would be the home of heros, with such stops as the Daily Bugle and the Baxter Building.

    Asgard: Asgard would sit as the parks crown jewel and “Weenie” of the park. With a beautiful rainbow bridge and fantastical landscaping, the land would pop. A Thor themed attraction would be the big e-ticket her. A large store named as Odin’s Armory would have nice nods to the films and comics.

    Secret Island: A stable of many comic stories is the secret island, villains and heros alike enjoy their privacy. I think a Hulk themed attraction would be awesome here as his destructive force would be contained on the island. Also I think Black Panter and perhaps some villains could make their home here. A big underwater resturant themed to Namor’s Palace

    X-Mansion: The home of the x-men would be secluded from the rest of the park where we can visit the mutants in their own environment where they can cut loose. An attraction themed to the X-jet would be perfect here.

    World War 2/Allied Camp: This would be a smaller area home for Captain America set in the 40’s during his fight against the Nazi’s and the Red Skull. Walt always liked to acknowledge our challenges and I think a land covering WW2 would be awesome.

    Stark Expo: The Stark Expo would be tomorrowland on crack. I would love to see marvel’s brightest minds (Hank Pym, Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom, Tony Stark) brought together to experiment with the technology of the future.

    S.H.E.I.L.D.: Near the waters of the Secret Island the S.H.E.I.L.D. helacarrier monitors the activities of Supers.

    Just a quick musing on what I’d like to see from the Marvel Park, What do you want to see?

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    I was think about attractions for Hulk and I think it would be awesome to do something similar to Alien Encounter and Tower of Terror. Something where everyone sits in a lab to see a Gamma radiation test and in true Disney fashion something goes wrong releasing the Hulk. He proceeds to destroy the lab causing it to drop and shake. Either Hulk or another hero would intercede and save the audience.
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    Re: Ideas for the possible Marvel Park

    Wow, none of those places sound appealing to me as a Disney Park. The Marvel universe, while fun, isn't really the place I'd like to spend all day riding rides at. Unless they could have a big Central Park area, I just can't see a Manhattan land that would be appealing. Asgard might be fun, but at least from what I saw in Thor, it doesn't sound terribly inviting either. Of course, I'd love to see what the Imagineers could come up with, but I'm just not seeing it myself.


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      Re: Ideas for the possible Marvel Park

      Just as long as they are NOT like those rides in Great America (or wherever) where there's a hulk roller coaster, and a spiderman 4D whatever, I'm cool with it. I find those rides.....tacky.....


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        Re: Ideas for the possible Marvel Park

        I've got it...
        Marvel Universe, Disney's third domestic theme park located in Las Vegas, NV. Just off freeway 15 just a couple minutes off from the strip. The Marvel resort would have both a large hotel and theme park. The hotel would not feature a casino, keeping a family friendly enviroment on its entire property. The hotel would also house the largest Disney Store in the world.

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