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  • [Idea] Tomorrowland Time Travel Vacation Club

    With the Subs, autopia, and Innoventions likely on the chopping block, I thought it would be fun to through out an idea I've had for a few years.

    4 new rides, 4 new restaurants, and multiple new exhibits would be added to Disneyland utilizing this space and other parts of Tomorrowland. TL would get 3 rides and 1 new restaurant and Fantasyland would get 1 new ride and a new restaurant. TL's new restaurant would replace Captain EO with a new House of the Future Exhibit (with flying car garage and teleporter) would replace Redd Rocket's pizza port. Next a new e-ticket Adventures Through Inner Space (guests search for anti-matter in a particle accelerator aka launch Rollercoaster with animatronics) that is located where Innoventions currently sits. The second ride would be EPCOT (a journey into the futuristic town that Tomorrowland will now represent) featuring lot of animatronics, that is located where the autopia station currently is. The last new ride (people mover would obviously be brought back but it isn't really new) would be Time Travel Vacation Club.

    This super large elaborate ride would actually include multiple different rides and exhibits. The ride would take up most of the area taken up by the subs showbuilding and the autopia track. The back story for the ride is that time travel vacation club members are given a choice of 3 different time vacations: Jurassic period, colonial period (1776), and industrial revolution (1800's). Each time period offers unique experiences from the past. The guests enter each area and are allowed to experience each area at their own pace and continue on when they are ready.

    The guests enter by walking around the old subs bay area (left over to keep the classic views of the Matterhorn) and approaching a large dome shaped building. The guests first enter through the "lobby" area where props showcase souvenirs brought back by guests who travelled back to different destinations like the French revolution, the Rennaissance, ect. After entering guest's are directed to the vacation club members entrance. The entrance takes guests into a large preshow room where a holographic scientist explains the procedure and the destinations being offered that day. Guests then board the time machine (a rotating room with circle vision 360 screens arranged around the top of the room). After the doors close behind them, guests finally get to meet their time travel agent (a lovable robot named Timme). After a brief explanation he explains that the first stop of the time machine would be Jurassic time period. After quick flash of lights and sound/ projection effects on the circle vision screens guests get their first glimpse at Jurassic vacation club resort. The circle vision gives glimpses of imaginary experiences guests may encounter as the rotating building rotates to the position to allow guests to exit to this new "time period". This happens with each time period and when the building is alligned gusts are allowed to exit (after these guests exit, the next group already in Jurassic renters the showbuilding to continue on). Each different time is a large outdoor exhibit area with each area offering different themed rides and experiences.

    Jurassic features:
    1) A jeep ride into Jurassic jungle (autopia 2.0 but designed with parents in mind) with animatronic dinosaurs/ plant life.
    2) A bone yard play area.
    3) A dinosaur petting zoo (animatronic dinosaurs similar to lucky the dinosaur).
    4) A small Dino bites snack bar.

    Colonial features:

    1) An animatronics show featuring events like the signing of the DOI and Constitution, the Boston Tea party, and Lexington and Concord.
    2) A shooting gallery.
    3) A blacksmith shop where guests can see horseshoes, rings, and other metal work created (it can also be purchased in the gift shop).
    4) A printing press shop (guests can print their own newspaper).
    5) A sit down restaurant called the Liberty Belle.

    Industrial Revolution features:

    1) Newly relocated Astro Orbitor but with a more mechanical rustic steampunk look.
    2) The 20,000 leagues under the sea walk through.
    3) train station (play ground/ walk through attraction).
    4) Gusher! (small drop ride that takes guests inside an oil drill).

    After guest's have experienced each time period they enter the time machine for a final time and exit back into 2112.

    Anyways sorry I didn't mean for it to go so long... What do you think? I think Disney really needs some new experiences and I don't think a ride that just shows you video of the past/ future really would do a time travel ride justice. If anyone cares I might do a sketch up of how it would all work together.

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    Evidently no one cares...
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    Re: Tomorrowland Time Travel Vacation Club

    No one cares.
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      Re: Tomorrowland Time Travel Vacation Club

      Originally posted by Bronco21 View Post
      TL's new restaurant would replace Captain EO
      over my dead body


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        Re: Tomorrowland Time Travel Vacation Club

        Originally posted by laughingperson5 View Post
        over my dead body
        Captain EO is tired and 3D movies are on the way out... It was better looking when it was a restaurant anyways.
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