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Armchairing the possible Disneyland expansion/overhaul! [long]


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  • [Idea] Armchairing the possible Disneyland expansion/overhaul! [long]

    Oh Tomorrowland... you have always been my favorite land. Even in your current sad state. I'm excited to be reading on the speculation on what might occur in the coming 8 years for Disneyland. That said, I like to pretend I know what is best for the parks so I thought I would post my ideas for the park wide refurbishment. Feel free to chime in, disagree, ad your own spin, or express your wishes for the future of Disneyland. I think John Lasseter has done a good job, he has at least made sure Disney Parks will not soon forget their partnership with Pixar.

    1) Main street USA: Minimal changes if any, with the recent Bakery changes I think it's looking great.

    2) Adventureland: I would like to see Indiana Jones have an overhaul. It's still a great ride, but the amount of down time has got to be a frustration to the big wigs. Also, I would like very much for Jungle Cruise to remain the same, however for an update to the animatronics. More realistic and varied movement of the same classic characters of that attraction.

    3) New Orleans Square: No notable changes. If anything dialing back the Pirates of the Caribbean film presence as the film series peters out.

    4) Critter Country: I was surprised by the amount of bear attention in "Brave", curious if Winnie the Pooh would get out of the way for some new bears to move in. A brave dark ride would bring something that critter country needs, a recent franchise. My kids will know who Pooh Bear and Briar bunch are, that said many kids don't. While it would be hard to integrate the "Scottish" aspect of the film into Critter Country I think it could be done. I don't know of a suitable location in Fantasyland for a "Brave" attraction. Also a revamp of Hungry Bear would be a good draw to that dead end, maybe a "Be Our Guest" quick table service if that ends up working out for the Florida camp.

    5) Frontierland: Minimal changes. Sorry folks, I see Disney moving into the semi-vacant space that is Big Thunder Mountain Ranch anytime soon.

    6) Full refurbishment of Storybook land / Canals.

    Now the fun part!

    7) Marvel Universe: I know folks would like a third gate, that said I don't see it as happening. People are correct is saying Marvel is too large a franchise for a single attraction. Marvel Universe would sit in the are currently occupied by Autopia and Finding Nemo Submarines. That is right, I want to close the subs and Autopia. Disneyland is of course not a museum, and Lasseter and crew have made it pretty clear that if cars are what you fancy you should head over to DCA. The area occupied by those two attractions is enough for a toon town sized Marvel land. I would like to see a new E-ticket, think the technology of Wizarding World of Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey in a S.H.I.E.L.D. wrapper.

    8) Tomorrowland: Full overhaul! Like Epcot's 1970's version of the year 2000, Tomorrowland has become a 1950's version of the 2020's. And as all know we are not quite 'there' yet. I would hope for the entirety of Tomorrowland to become clean, white lines. Think Tron, what we see as tomorrow now, not what tomorrow was in 1955. Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, Space Mountain will remain of course. Captain EO closed, instead a new TRON show that exits into Flynn's arcade (current Starcade). My new attraction utilizes the people mover track and the current Innoventions building. Wall-E has been absent from tomorrowland...and I am not sure why. I would like to see the Innoventions facility become the Axiom from Pixar's Wall-E. Guests would ride in semi reclined (think the chairs humans used aboard the Axiom) ride vehicles. The ride welcomes people aboard the Axiom and uses the dark areas above Star traders / Star tours / Space mountain explaining the need for Earth's clean up by Buy'N Large. You enter the innoventions building (aka axiom) for a more traditional dark ride experience. Follow the story of Wall-E and Eve. The culmination of which is a full scale dome roof planetarium, as you lay reclined and look deep into space watch Wall-E and Eve dance. The plant is located, you return to earth and disembark.

    One thing that I think Tomorrowland could use, and you could argue either way. A sponsorship with Apple. Apple fits with the clean lines, iridescent whites, and tech wizardry that Tomorrowland should have. I know that corporate sponsorships haven't been prevalent in the parks recently. I think the success of the DCA relaunch will lure some of them out of hiding. Apple traditionally a very 'closed' company, needs to step out of the Jobs shadow and do something like this. Given Lasseter/Jobs Pixar/Apple connection I see it as a possibility. I would absolutely purchase a Disney parks ipod perhaps themed/colored/engraved or even pre-loaded with select Disney tracks.

    Well that is too long, I wonder if anyone will read it!

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