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  • [Other] Cars Land Error...

    This is really kind of an unimportant detail and I don't know if anyone else has pointed it out before but...remember how Doc was implied to have died in between the events of Cars and Cars 2? Remember how Mater was proclaimed "Sir Mater" at the end of the second film?

    Well here's where the error comes in. Doc Hudson is alive and well in Radiator Springs Racers. But...a billboard in Cars Land advertises Radiator Springs as the home of Lightning McQueen AND Sir Mater. Would this mean that this takes place after the second film? Or is it just a little continuation error? You be the judge.

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    Re: Cars Land Error...

    Radiator Springs Racers takes place after the events of Cars, while the town is set after the events of Cars 2. A little weird, but that's the storyline the imagineers came up with.


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      Re: Cars Land Error...

      Hmm...well I suppose that kind of makes sense haha. But doesn't Mater fly across the full moon in Racers? I don't remember him flying in the first movie.
      "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"


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        Re: Cars Land Error...

        A while back I said I think one of looking at the differences between how Walt Disney viewed the park and how John Lasseter views the parks. To Walt, Disneyland is like a large model railroad set where accuracy is part of the culture and there are plenty of stories about how Waly would be consumed with minute details on his Carolwood-Pacific Railroad and then Disneyland. While John likes trains, he seems to be much more a toy guy. Details and intricacy are great, but its a different kind of fun less focus on specifics all working together and I think this is reflected in his views of the parks. It's inconsequential that Doc Hudson is both dead and alive, because Cars Land is not so much a world that considers itself real, but a giant, detailed play set where the worlds of both films seemingly exist simultaneously.


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          Re: Cars Land Error...

          Rides' times are usually different from the land they're in.

          For example, in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there's snow everywhere, implying that it's winter. In the ride, it isn't winter. I know that's kind of small and insignificant and an overall "Dur", but that's the first thing that popped into my mind.

          Again, whenever timeline issues pop up I say that you have to look at it in the way the people who created it. They would want people to look at the billboard with Sir Mater and say "How cute! Remember the movie?" and add to the charm. On the ride, they want you to look at Doc and not forget about him because he was such an influential figure in the first movie. Sometimes timelines aren't the biggest things when it comes to making a theme park land and its ride.

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            Re: Cars Land Error...

            Originally posted by MANEATINGWREATH View Post
            Hmm...well I suppose that kind of makes sense haha. But doesn't Mater fly across the full moon in Racers? I don't remember him flying in the first movie.
            I watched Cars again a couple weeks back with my younger brother and, if I'm remembering correctly, Mater flies across the moon when he's demonstrating how he drives backwards to Lightning.


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              Re: Cars Land Error...

              Howdy Pards,

              Doc Hudson? Well, I reckon I'd rather he be alive for all time. In fact, I believe that these Cars characters..all these Cars characters... will be alive for all time.

              You are, however, right. It seems in Cars 2 that it was implied that Doc Hudson had indeed went on ahead. Maybe it's his spirit that we are seein' when we ride Radiator Springs Racers...who knows?

              If so...that's a good thing.

              I reckon there's a lotta folks I've known over the years that I've often wished were still with least in spirit. Life can be a strange and mysterious thing...

              But maybe it's a good thing that we don't try to think too hard on it. Instead, let's just
              celebrate the folks we've known...and count our blessings. And, when Doc Hudson shows up...let's do what we've always done... listen to his wisdom...and keep on movin' down the track.

              That track ain't none too long for any of us when it comes right down to it...let's just relax and enjoy it while we can...and celebrate, truly celebrate, the good folks we've met up with over the years...

              Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

              Wild Ol' Dan

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                Re: Cars Land Error...

                Originally posted by RescueTheDay View Post
                Radiator Springs Racers takes place after the events of Cars, while the town is set after the events of Cars 2. A little weird, but that's the storyline the imagineers came up with.
                If that's the case, then maybe the ride vehicles on the racers should be DeLoreans.
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                  Re: Cars Land Error...

                  what Wild Ol Dan Said: Spirit of Doc Hudson


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