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  • [Question] Parade Performer auditions

    I just graduated high school and I really want to be a parade performer. I have been dancing for 7 years and have been competing for 4 (so I know how to work a stage! ). Does anyone know how difficult the audition dances are? Lengthy answers are MORE than welcome!!

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    Re: Parade Performer auditions

    I never have auditioned, but have researched it quite a bit myself.. My understanding is that the type of dancing done in the audition usually correlates with the type of parade it is; basically what they're looking for at the time and how complex of dancing the show/parade requires. Like most of Disney auditions, there will be some sort of across-the-floor, most often something basic to start off with, and then they do the usual cuts from there and from what I understand, the farther you go in the process, the more complex of dance routine. Just remember that it may take more than one audition for you to be cast, but the more you audition, the more your chances of being noticed and cast for something! I'm sure there's some Micechatters with deeper info that have auditioned, but that was my take on it!
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