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Tips for visiting Cars Land at DCA


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  • Tips for visiting Cars Land at DCA

    Hi everyone,

    I will be visiting Cars Land for the first time on Sunday with the early entry offered to pass holders. Is there anyone who has visited already that has any tips for me?

    Should I go get a fast pass for Radiator Springs Racers first thing, and then head to one of the other attractions first (maybe Luigi's Flying Tires since I hear it isn't worth a wait)? Or should I go to RSR right away?


    Thank you!

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    Re: Tips for visiting Cars Land at DCA

    Be lined up at gate 30 mins early so you can be close.

    Be prepared that RSR may not be running during early entry hours, it wasn't last Saturday but started up at exactly 8am.

    If you want to get fast pass for RSR wait in line for it, CM may say you can't line up for it but within 15 mins of opening they will open line to wait for that.

    Take advantage of single rider line if you don't mind sitting separately from your group.

    Be prepared for very crowded and long waits with breakdowns of rides at anytime.


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      Re: Tips for visiting Cars Land at DCA

      I don't like to be in the sun before 3PM. I usually go to the parks in the 4 PM hour. I also feel it's better to go at night because your eyes have the chance to adjust which lets you see the inside of the show buildings. With that said, I've never waited more than 40 minutes for the single rider of RSR or the regular line of Luigi's. Prioritize as you see necessary, but don't forget the parks are open until 11 PM for DCA and 12 AM for Disneyland. There is a lot to be said for spreading your day out, rather than bum rushing everything (like everyone else is doing...) at park opening.
      It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".


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        Re: Tips for visiting Cars Land at DCA

        Be in line before 7am, but no more than 30 minutes before.

        Ignore the CMs who tell you to go enjoy the park and come back to the fast pass line when it opens at 8am. Be in that line no later than 7:30am.

        Go to RSR first thing if you get in right at 7am and see if you and your party can get on the ride. If 7:30 starts getting close then one of you leaves the RSR line and gets in line with everyone's tickets for the fast passes.

        Another strategy is to not try to get on RSR early, but still wait in line for the fast passes, while your group gets Luigi's out of the way. Just go on RSR with your fast passes later. When I was there a couple weeks, the Mater ride (which is worth it) had times where the wait wasn't too bad, like 30-45 minutes. But if I could get on the Luigi ride reasonably quickly I'd think about that since I will not wait more than 45 minutes for that ride at any time in the day.

        Make sure that you come back in the evening and try to see the lighting ceremony at sunset. I think Cars Land as a whole is much more enjoyable at night.

        Have fun!


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          Re: Tips for visiting Cars Land at DCA

          I would wait for the excitement to die down. Maybe go when school starts in September. I am pretty suer you'll have the place all to yourself


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            Re: Tips for visiting Cars Land at DCA

            On the 4th of July we arrived around 7:40a when crowds were gathered behind the rope near the Carthay Circle Theatre that held us back from Cars Land. We also saw a looooooooooong line stretching from the RSR FP line past the front of the CC Theatre and into and then back out of Hollywood Land. Our original plan was to pick up FPs but seeing that line changed our minds! When the rope dropped at 8a we (there were five of us) headed for the single rider line. The clock said it was a 20 minute wait but it took more like 40 minutes before we got on. After having breakfast and touring CL we headed for Buena Vista Street, passing the RSR FP line around 10a and it was already out of tickets.

            This was my third visit to Cars Land and I'm surprised how less crowded it is than I would've expected. Depending on your expectations and patience, I think once you get your RSR fix done and over with, you'll enjoy exploring and appreciating CL quite well.


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