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The Legend of Zorro! Boat Ride


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  • [Idea] The Legend of Zorro! Boat Ride

    Okay so I know that this idea has been tossed around before but I have been looking at what my DCA phase 2 would include and this would be it. Now whether something like this eve gets in I don't know. But this idea could work for either DCA or Frontierland. Here it is:

    Small little area themed to a California Mission. It would include bell tower similar to San Diego's and spanish influence all over the sub-land. The main building would house a restaurant similar to Blue Bayou and the Gran Fiesta Tour at Epcot. The restaurant would look like a fiesta in the moonlight while the boats pass by. The ride's queue would go through the mission house and would give a little back story to the legend of Zorro. There would be paintings of residence and all and then there would be a big painting of Zorro with the famous Z slashed through.

    The ride vehicles would be just like the Pirates boats and the main reason I chose to use boats as the ride vehicles is because I think it is the best way to tell the story of Zorro. The story behind the waterways will be that the town has been flooded (It's the best solution I could find). You board your boat and head on into the flooded trail and you pass by the restaraunt in the darkness. It has lanterns hanging and around it's land are orange trees. (a nod to the original orange groves) then as you pass further away from the house you enter a cavern of red rock with a waterfall on the side.

    The Ride:
    Here is the first drop in the ride. When you get to the bottom you are surrounded by darkness and rock and then all of a sudden you see a landscape similar to the Journey to The Center Of The Earth ride in which you see the moon and the Frontier landscape but you also see a black horse drinking from the stream and you see the shadowy figure of ZORRO! you continue on in the darkness and find a tribe of Native Americans with the leader telling the tribe a story and telling them of the man with mask (Zorro) His dialogue will change. (I got this idea from the Indian Village at the far end of the Rivers of America). Then you pass by fossils and then go down another waterfall (drop 2). This takes you into a rainbow Caverns sort of an area in which stalagtytes and stalagmites are all around you and a colorful array of water, falls and geysers send you on your way while you hear the faint sound of a guitar and the first sign of the infamous Zorro TV theme song.
    As your boat leaves the caverns you find yourself in the middle of a gunfight between a runaway train and the local bandits. The conductor is tied up and the leader of the gang is fighting Zorro! you feel the air of the bullets zip past you and also see the steam of the engine engulf the dueling pair. Then there is another small drop (drop 3) and you go over the rail road tracks of the runaway train. next you find yourself in the town.

    Part 2 will be coming soon
    (I know it's long but I would love some feedback!) Thanks!
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    Re: The Legend of Zorro! Boat Ride

    Part 2:
    The Town: After passing under the railroad tracks we find ourselves in the town of El Halcon (The Hawk). This town unlike pirates will not be engulfed in flames but quite opposite. It will be in midst of a flood. The first building we come to will have a grand party with animatronics dancing and playing music (Mariachi band) The full out tv theme song is being heard with instrumental. As we draw further from the party we see a man in a buggy looking at the party while bandits steal from his wagon. Further down we see the hideouts of the gangs and travel further into the town. We pass by a stable and other sights along that line (At one point I envision a seen where rushing water seems to be apporaching the boat almost like at Universal Studios Backlot Tour with the flooded village). Then we find a beautiful woman who is on her porch cheering on Zorro who is battling the thieves that have been stealing from her.(The animatronics will be high quality and will seem like an actual sword fight. and at one point the animatronic Zorro will be on the roof and a gunshot will be heard and he will plunge backwards away from the boat.
    Thinking he has died we continue on. The tune being heard now is very somber and depressing. our boat goes through another cave and as we go on in the darkness we see another screen with the landscape and we find Zorro's horse tied up as we pass by him we see our last view of the town. It's a single balcony of a house and from the balcony we see the same beautiful woman and we also see the shadowy figure of Zorro in the moonlight.
    We then travel into what looks like a sewer and go back up a waterfall and back into the queue.


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      Re: The Legend of Zorro! Boat Ride

      Not a bad idea. They do have pirate animatronics actually sword fighting at Disneyland Paris. I always thought that something representing Disney's Zorro TV series ought to be in DCA. If anything to pay tribute to Spanish California. I almost would rather see a stunt show for Zorro. Maybe have it take place in a replica of the Los Angeles Quartel set that used to be on the Disney Studio lot.


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        Re: The Legend of Zorro! Boat Ride

        That sounds like a brilliant idea!


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