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  • [Idea] DCA IDEA: The Disney Vault

    Here's my idea for a new attraction for Hollywoodland at DCA: The Disney Vault Theater.

    It would be a spectacular Imagineering-designed 10-screen multiplex theater that plays Disney classic films that are currently "in the vault." Attending the theater would be FREE (included) with park admission (tickets via Fast Pass). It would be a chance for visitors to see -- and brag about when they go home -- seeing classic Disney movies unavailable on the big screen elsewhere.

    It would be the thematic capstone to DCA's Hollywoodland as it would be the most literal embodiment of the Disney/Hollywood legacy. What is more Disney-meets-Hollywod than the classic Disney animated films? Emotionally it would leverage the classic animated characters that Fantasyland does at Disneyland via dark rides, but at DCA it would be the films themselves. A goal of DCA 2.0 was to bring emotion and characters to the park: this would accomplish that in a distinctive way. "The Disney Vault" could be the "mecca" for Disney fans that really makes DCA feel deeply part of the classic Disney legacy.

    You would enter through a grand art deco theater facade with silver/metallic surfaces, chrome, and glittery marble - everything you'd expect from the word "Vault." There would be a grand lobby/ retail store selling classic merch. There would be food concessions of course. There may an actual room off the side of the lobby behind 8" thick acrylic wherein you can see actual reel of film as if they are in some humidity-free protective storage (not real, but fun). Each of the 10 theaters would have an elaborate theme (Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Peter Pan, etc.) with fabrics, proscenium, props, etc. Guests would want to visit them all, and talk about the ones they have been in.

    Some reasons supporting this idea:

    1. The emotional "value" of seeing these movies for guests is way out of proportion with the cost for Disney to build and show these movies. In other words, cheap for Disney but perceived as valuable to guests. The "equity" (sunk costs) of making these movies happened decades ago, why not leverage it now?

    2. It cements DCA as the Disney-meets-Holywood center of the universe. It makes Hollywoodland real the way working motion-picture studio activity does in other Hollywood themed parks, in much more limited space.

    3. It's a huge people eater. It can have a hourly throughput of up to 5,000 people at low build/operation/upkeep cost. And highly repeatable (guests will want to see the different movies and different themed theaters).

    4. Stimulates concession sales (popcorn, soft drinks).

    5. It can be built quickly to accommodate growing crowds at DCA (doesn't need years of WDI R&D).

    6. Furthers the symbolic and company-myth power of "The Disney Vault" as a brand/concept.

    7. Allows Disney to "test" previews with a test audience from around the country.

    --What do you think?

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    Re: DCA IDEA: The Disney Vault

    People won't go because they paid admission to a theme park, not a movie theatre. Attendees would only include AP members and die-hard fans of the movie. Even then, that's a sketchy estimation.

    I also think that playing the classics that are in the vault really eliminates the concept of the vault. Having movies constantly playing just seems like such a mockery of people's money when the film finally re-enters the public market. "Here's your last chance for seven years...or your next visit to California!"

    I think it'd be a much better idea financially and in the interest of the vault if this didn't happen OR was extremely limited to the re-releases that have been happening with The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc. If you wanted to see really old classics like Bedknobs and Broomsticks, I think having an annual screening of something at the El Capitan would be an okay idea.


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      Re: DCA IDEA: The Disney Vault

      It's a cool idea. Probably need to be scaled back. Maybe a few small screens. Kinda Like the theatre on main st. in DL but with seats and sound. Sometimes its nice to find a place to escape and take in some of the real Disney culture. It is a shame that there are so many Disney shows and Movies that may never come out of the Vault.It would be nice to have a venue for them. ( I'm not talking about the Feature films they hide for a few years) But from a business standpoint, I can't see them spending the money on such a niche attraction. I would go though but probably only if I had an AP or 3 day stay. Maybe it would be better suited for Downtown Disney. I still think its a great concept as long as I don't overthink it.
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        Re: DCA IDEA: The Disney Vault

        Maybe a scaled down version would be better as suggested. I'm not sure the "Here's your last chance for seven years..or until you visit California" thing is a problem, that's kind of the basis of the concept...encouraging visitors to DCA by giving them access to something special. I don't think the fact the movie can be seen at DCA would affect whether someone in the midwest buys the Blu-ray DVD while it's available. But maybe I'm not understanding your point though.

        Thanks for the feedback!!


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          Re: DCA IDEA: The Disney Vault

          I agree with a smaller scale. Sounds like this could just be incorporated into the Art of Animation building because it fits. They could have a time chart of what movies are showing, maybe 4 a day? And just have a smaller theater to eat people every few hours.


          Come see you favorite Disney Classics!

          8 am - Little Mermaid

          12 - Mulan

          3 - Toy Story

          6- Beauty and the Beast

          9:00 - Sleeping Beauty

          and it could change every day. I think the vault idea is nice, but it is too large scale Imo


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            Re: DCA IDEA: The Disney Vault

            Indeed. 'cept for the scale, I love it. I'd constantly be visiting based on the rotation (which I don't think should be limited to just the animated films).
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              Re: DCA IDEA: The Disney Vault

              maybe something like main street cinema but bigger in stage 17

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