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Longest Waits in Disneyland


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    Re: Longest Waits in Disneyland

    Originally posted by Bronco21 View Post
    Wow no one on here rode Rocket Rods I assume... 3 and a half agonizing hours with 3 break downs. At one point my cousins stood up on a pedestal and told jokes... That lasted for about 45 minutes during the longest breakdown and was really fun since my cousins are hilarious and the crowd actually paid attention and laughed in unison at their jokes. We got in line at 10 and didn't get on the ride until 1:30 a.m. (the park had long since closed!). This is the only time I've seen a trail of CM directing guests towards the exit because of how late we got out of the park. It was the only time I rode the ride and so I do not regret, but it was ridiculous!

    I also waited 2 1/2 hours for Ghost Galaxy because it broke down every other time we tried to ride it.
    high five! I waited around 3 1/2 to 3 3/4 hours for Rocket Rods in 98!

    They looked so cool on the platform and the estimated wait time was posted at about an hour outside the doors so I figured we'd get on it easy peasy. But then the hours started to tick by and we slowly moved through the rooms. The circlevision was the most demotivating and I saw that same film play through so many times I got a headache. But the ride look so cool outside that I figured I HAD to see it especially if I was so close.

    Boy was the ride a disappointment, hardly thrilling at all and over in a second. Nothing too amazing to see either. I got off it in time to also be pushed out of the park by security and met up with the rest of my group at the exit to hear my mom talk about going on Pirates and Mansion several more times and my Uncle going on Space Mountain twice more even though it was the next biggest line at that point.
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      Re: Longest Waits in Disneyland

      My longest wait was 4.5 hours for Rocket Rods the summer it came out. The estimated wait time was 4 hours, the ride broke down while we were in line and we opted to wait it out. An hour and a half later the ride came back up and we walked through the Q beacuse so many people gave up. It was the only time we rode it, so I would say it was worth it!


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        Re: Longest Waits in Disneyland

        Splash Mountain the summer it opened, I think we waited 3 hours.

        Now, for the most part I have a 30 min max.


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          Re: Longest Waits in Disneyland

          Nobody will probably read this but I'll go through most of the rides and list the longest I've had to wait for it.

          Jungle Cruise - 60 minutes. I once waited through all the zig zags downstairs and upstairs, and the line was also stretching out the building; this was back in the 90s though.
          Indy - 3 - 5 hours. I can't remember specifically but I know it was the first year it was open and we waited through allllll of those caves with the decoder.
          Pirates - 90 minutes when it reopened with Jack Sparrow on it's first weekend.
          Haunted Mansion - 45 minutes (I won't wait longer than 25 for it now).
          Haunted Mansion Holiday - 60 minutes.
          Splash Mountain - 25 minutes? I never go on it during the day.
          Winnie The Pooh - 15 minutes on Leap Day. Usually less than 3 minutes regularly.
          Canoes - 15 minutes.
          Big Thunder Mountain - 45 minutes regular day. 60 minutes on Leap Day.
          Fantasyland Dark Rides - 25 minutes at the most. Peter Pan - 45 minutes.
          Matterhorn - 30 minutes. However, I remember being little and there were zig zags in FRONT of the mountain (almost like it is now) and we waited an hour.
          IASW - 15 minutes.
          IASW Holiday - 25 minutes.
          Roger Rabbit - 3 hours. Sometime around the opening. I remember waiting through that entire queue and getting very tiresome. This was probably my first really long line as a kid. I remember we kept seeing the ride vehicles and thinking we were almost there. SO WRONG!
          Gadget's Go Coaster - 45 minutes... we were bored that day.
          Finding Nemo - 45 minutes. Waited until summer was over and got lucky. Now I won't wait more than 15 minutes for it, or often, even with no line I won't ride at all.
          Autopia - 60 minutes. This was a big deal as a kid. Now I'll wait 10 at the most.
          Space Mountain - 2 hours. Now, I'll do 45 - 60 minutes and think it's worth it.
          Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy - 100 minutes.
          Star Tours 1.0 - 45 minutes.
          Star Tours 2.0 - 3 Hours. The board said 90 minutes and we were with friends who hadn't seen it even though we had already done it 3 times at previews with a walk on each time. 45 on a regular day is okay, 60 in the summer seems fine.
          Buzz Lightyear - 25 minutes on Grad Nite is probably the longest.

          Monsters Inc. - 60 minutes. It was still new back than. Now I won't do more than 15.
          Tower of Terror - 60 minutes, and that was only ONCE on a summer day. I ALWAYS get Fastpass for this, no matter what!
          Bugs Land Rides - 10 minutes.
          Radiator Springs Racers - 60 minutes in the Single Rider Line.
          Soarin Over California - 60 minutes, I think, when DCA first opened. More like 45 now. But another ride I'll ride only with FP.
          GRR - 60 minutes on a hot day.
          Little Mermaid - 60 minutes on opening day. More like a walk on now.
          Goofy's Sky School - 50 minutes on it's reopening. Won't wait more than 30 now.
          California Screamin - 45 minutes at the most. Line goes by super quick and I don't mind it.
          TSMM - Even when it says 45 or 75 minutes, we ALWAYS wait 60 minutes EXACTLY. It's bizarre.

          Short Answer:
          Longest line I've ever waited in. DEFINITELY Indiana Jones. Roger Rabbit coming in second. Star Tours 2.0 coming in third.


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            Re: Longest Waits in Disneyland

            Originally posted by dth316 View Post
            Nobody will probably read this but I'll go through most of the rides and list the longest I've had to wait for it.

            Short Answer:
            Longest line I've ever waited in. DEFINITELY Indiana Jones. Roger Rabbit coming in second. Star Tours 2.0 coming in third.
            I read the whole thing. Wow that was a long list to remember. I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday LOL!
            I actually heard this said by a CM over the loud speakers at Big Thunder in 1995, "Please do not sit on the rocks. You will fall...and you will die."


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              Re: Longest Waits in Disneyland

              Longest line I have ever waited in would be 75 minutes for Space Mountain at Disney World. It was my first time riding it, I did FP from then on out.

              At DLR longest line would be Toy Story at 45min. I never wait in lines posted above 45 min. I never need to. We go around collecting fast passes all morning for the popular rides in both parks. And riding them in the morning before waits get to long. But my family always goes back to the hotel in the afternoon and gives me their fast passes. It means I have at least 4 passes for every ride, I'll get more too after they leave, I remember I had six for Indiana Jones once and 4 for space, 4 for tower, 4 for Star Tours, and 4 for California Screemin' all at one time. I never have to wait longer than 10 min for anything. Except Toy Story lol. And by the time I run out of FP's it is closer to closing and crowds have died down! Of course it means I am cheating and not returning in the one hour window, lol I don't really have a choice.
              Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror


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                Re: Longest Waits in Disneyland

                2 1/2 hours for Splash Mountain


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