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Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!


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  • [Fun] Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

    This is my first post!!! So I figured I might as well go all outJ

    There aretwo main reasons for this. The first isto create and even more complete and magical atmosphere than previousparks. By having the entire park insidewhat is essentially a giant show room, imaginers would be able to control thetime of day (although I envision the whole place to be perpetually nighttime,but we will get to that later). Thisalso makes a berm obsolete, and guests will catch literally no glimpses of theoutside, non-Disney (and therefore non-perfect) world.

    Of course we also get plenty ofretail spaces and some cute little restaurants. Possibly a small show or walk-through attraction about the invention ofthe lightbulb.

    At theend of Edison Street is the central hub of the park, known as Spark CapElectric Company. A fantastical factorybuilding with a magic sort of steam-punk feel and a giant working light bulb ontop. Other gears and mechanicalcomponents are visible giving the whole building a kinetic feel. Adding to this is the fact that it is also aROLLER COASTER! This is also based on adiscarded idea for Disneyland. Taking placemostly inside the factory, the roller coaster twists and turns through thegiant machine-like factory and climbs up to the giant light bulb for the grandfinale. I suppose the ride could use alittle more of a storyline, but that can come later J.

    Lets takea tour of the park, starting from the right and moving counter-clockwise.
    To theright of the hub:
    -AmericanHarbor: An American portduring the time of the Revolutionary war. I imagine some real water with aprojected screen or painting continuing it and creating the illusion that it isan ocean. Guests walk on a boardwalkpath.
    Revolutionary War boat ride.

    Moving up in the park:

    Brave Ride. Dark ride based on the movie.
    Snow White cottage musical dwarf show.
    Snow White Mine Train Coaster. Similar to what is planned for WDW.
    Beauty and the Beast ride or restaurant/ meetand greet

    At the top of the park:

    Maleficent Ride. Because of the upcoming film and the continued popularity of thecharacter. This could be more of a thrill ride. Plus the opportunity to createa huge AA dragon!
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. A dark ride through a [doomed to fail] schemeconcocted by the evil scientist from Phineas and Ferb. He has proven to be a very popluar characterfrom a very marketable franchise.
    The Big Bad Wolf Ride. A dark ride that tells the story of the 3Little Pigs, but from the POV of the wolf.

    On the upper left of the park:
    J. The whole land is a futuristic building thatserves as the HQ for the Avengers. Similar to what we have seen in the recent movies.
    Iron Man ride. Using projectors like Soarin, but in this ride, guests are laying downSuperman-style and suspended in the air. They fly through the air following Iron Man and destroying bad guys.
    Hulk Ride. Like the Harry Potter Ride at IOA, lets guests hop around the city withthe Hulk.

    Captain AmericaShow. Some sort of WWII era show withCaptain America.
    Hawkeye bow and arrow target practice. Figure out how to make that safe.

    The last land, to the left of the hub:
    -Future City: A bustling urban environment of thefuture. Huge skyscrapers appear tostretch to the stars, but are actually just facades that are continued bypaintings or projections on the ceiling. All around, robots, aliens, and people populate the city. The whole place has an optimistic feel to it.
    A futuristic restaurant. An expensive place where trendy food isserved and cooked in novel ways like with liquid nitrogen. A show is put on for the guests willing topay to eat there.
    A Wall-E dark ride. Great movie= great ride! Also, it ismarketable.
    Space Elevator Company. Based on a real concept, an elevator fromEarth to space, guest board and appear to climb into the stars. Afterexperiencing the beauty, they fall back down to Earth in a thrilling ride.
    Alien Hotel walkthrough. A walkthrough attraction that takes gueststhrough a working hotel for aliens vacationing on Earth. Lots of whimsy and visual gags.

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    Re: Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

    I always forget that a third Disney park could include new lands that would allow for something i Beauty and the beast to get its own area worth how good the movie is....

    I like it for the most part maybe have another land but besides that...sounds in many ways how i'd like a third park to be made
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Re: Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

      Nice first post. You have some really cool ideas, this is one of the better armchair imagineering ideas I've seen in a while. I'm not sure about the light bulb as the park icon, but you have a lot of cool ideas and I really like the overall concept. I might tweak the ride selection a bit too.
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        Re: Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

        There are some really good ideas in here, congrats. I'm not sure I'd want to spend all day indoors but people do it (Mall of America, Vegas casinos) so it's not unheard of. Doing a Future City indoors is great and could be a solution for Tomorrowland (which is inhumanly hot sometimes due to all the concrete). Villain Village (though I'm not sure I'd pick the characters you did) would be fantastic and a big hit (I think) and may be a good replacement for motor boat cruise area at DLP. So whether in a 3rd park or not, there are good ideas here.


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          Re: Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

          There are some good ideas here, but you are kinda all over the place.

          Marvel's land and future city are too similar... maybe combine?

          Edison street, nice, but too close to Main Street and BVS! I want to see something new....

          The "theme" of this park isnt really "there". It is kinda mish mash. Do you pick up what I'm throwing on the floor?


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            Re: Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

            I like the all indoor and nighttime all the time concept. My favorite time at the park is nighttime. They could also leave the doors open on the stores so they don't look closed like on bvs since the whole park would be a controlled climate
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              Re: Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

              I really like the idea of a villain village. Like a dark and spooky Fantasyland.
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                Re: Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

                I really like some of your ideas, villain village more so than anything, however isnt that DLR at Halloween that villians have taken over the park. I'm not trying to be mean just pointing it out.

                I for one well I would hate an all inclosed park, so. cali was picked for its weather for the most part.. yes it is hot in the summer and it rains once and a great while.

                I love the ideas of some of the lands but I think they could be included expanded into the resort as it is.


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                  Re: Third Park Idea for DLR, Very Ambitious, But Very Cool!

                  If Disney ever does do an entirely enclosed park, they should do it somewhere without such mild weather. Didn't they have plans at some point in the past for a midwest park? As a Chicago area resident I'd love to have a year-round Disney park nearby!


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