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Picky things in DCA


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  • [Chat] Picky things in DCA

    I decided to post this thread about a month or slightly less after the official DCA re-opening. This is not meant to bash frankly myself as well as other MiceChatters love what has been done but there are just small things that we all can't help but be a little bothered by so thus thread was made. There was already threads about the Redcar's wires so please try to keep that at a low as well as the BVS pavement if you have an opinion and would like to share it I would happily point out the current thread.

    Not to many things for me just a few points.

    The Redcar control box looking at the videos I couldn't help but think they could have covered the box to make it look a bit more authentic with like a wood cover and such.

    Maybe add a few more shops or restaurants in Hollywoodland to just get more use of those facades or even just expand the existing venues to get better use.

    Maybe they could have had a band in Radiator Springs that played some classic rock from the 50's and 60's to get more of the retro mood at least until they work the bugs out of Red and DJ Car.

    Like I said before this is not a bash thread, I love the new DCA just pointing some details average guests wouldn't notice but people like us watch like hawks

    See ya walkin' right down the middle of o'l Main Street USA

    "THAT'S R

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    Re: Picky things in DCA

    Redo what the front of the restaurant next to its it Uglyyyyyy

    For some reason I still want them to redo the Wharf and Hollywood be fair they are detailed but...I don't know still feel life less
    Happy Halloween!!!


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