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A Walt moment at the Calgary Stampede


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  • [Fun] A Walt moment at the Calgary Stampede

    I live in Calgary and tonight I watched their 100th Anniversary live stage show. Images were shown of past stampede memories and pictures were shown of Christopher Reeves, Jack Palance and Walt Disney - all of whom I think were parade marshalls at one time over the years. For me it was so touching to see Walt's face and waving to the camera. So much of how the stampede is set up is very much in the manner of Walt's showmanship ideas. Even my husband remarked as we were walking out the one gate and some of the western music from the movie Dances with Wolves was playing - it was so perfectly themed and appropriate - he said it was like Disney in lots of ways. In other ways, not so much. The ground was littered, the air smelled of rancid beer and grease, and mixed in with the families were intoxated people who were dressed inappropriately and swearing and seemingly oblivious to the senior citizens or children who were everywhere. Anyhow, I digressed into the negative there - I apologize. I just wanted to share that Walt moment I was able to have up here in Canada - and to say how proud I am of Walt's legacy and how far reaching it is in so many ways. BTW - the Stampede 100th committee should be very proud. The stage show was Fantasmic! X 10 - very, very good and jam packed with color, music and surprises.

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    Re: A Walt moment at the Calgary Stampede

    Thank you for sharing! Reading this makes me glad to know that Walt's legacy is still going strong outside of his studio/parks.


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