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Special Trip with newest Famly member.


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  • Trip Report Special Trip with newest Famly member.

    On July 8th we hopped in the car and drove to Disneyland. This is the first time with our new Granddaughter.
    The trip took a little longer as we had to make more stops for the Baby, but she traveled very well.
    We arived and checked into the hotel HOJO. The room was nice and clean, but there was no elvator or Microwave. It was only 2 stories and we were on the second story. After many trips to the car we finaly moved in.
    Now it was time to go to Downtown Disney for Dinner, the daughter-in-law had never been to Downtown Disney.
    On the way we stopped off at the ticket booth to upgrade the 5 day one park hopper tickets to full parkhopper tickets.
    We were told that we had to activate the tickets first. Next stop Disneyland for a quick look and then back to the ticket booth to upgrade the tickets, since we were there we added a day also.
    Note when you upgrade tickets they put the name on them, make sure you have your ID with you everytime you enter the park.
    We ate dinner at Naples, the Pizza was very good.
    We explored and did a little shopping.
    The women went back to the hotel so they could go swimming, but the baby changed their plans, not the first time and won't be the last.
    My Son and I went into DCA to check out carsland and he was looking for the cone cups. Sorry no cone cups today.
    After a quick look around we went back to the hotel.
    Grandma and Grandpa took over baby duty while the kids went swimming.
    it was a long day, and tomorrow will be our first full day in the park this trip.
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    Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

    Yeah, traveling with babies makes it a whole different kind of trip! I look forward to more pictures.

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

      I want to thank everyone who gave all of the great ideas, on visiting with a baby they came in handy. My Daughter-in-law (DDIL) Loved the baby care center in DisneyLand. I am trying to get the photos uploaded so it will take some time.
      I had a new camera So I had to learn how to use it. Over all I am very happy with it, but I was supprised that I had to change the battery twice during our trip. I had bought an extra battery and always kept a spare on hand. When We got home and I downloaded the images to my computer I found out why I had gone throught the batteries. There were over 900 images.
      More to come

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      Day two July 9.
      Our first full day in DisneyLand. We got to the park early, around 8 am. My Son stayed in bed so we took off and left him. After all there are palces to go and mice to see.
      We walked onto Startours, I mean there was no line, it was a walk on. Then we went onto Astor Blasters, Grandma watched the baby the whole time. Then we went to small world, my son hates the ride, good thing he was still at the hotel. We had to wait for them to open the ride but it was a walk on. This was the babies first ride (Maddie).
      We stopped off to see Tinkerbell but we were told she was still flying in so we met Videa instead. We meant to come back but never made it.

      Then we all went to see Billy Hill, There we met Mickey and Minnie, latter on Goffy came out also.

      We stopped by the Tiki room to see Maddie's favorite, birds.

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      We ate at the Blue Bayou, that was something that my DDIL had neve done, and latter we rode the POC. We did not get a good spot to see the fire workds but that will be another day.
      We told my Son about the R2D2 mugs, but they were sold out. This started a multi day hunt for the mugs also.
      Tomorrow we will be going to DCA, for the Wold of Color and a Dinner.
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        Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

        Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip.


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          Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

          How fun! I look forward to seeing more!


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            Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

            Absolutely beautiful photo of the Tiki Bird. Mine never come out that good.

            I look forward to reading more about your trip, and seeing more of your photos.


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              Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

              Day 3 July 10, our second full day at the resort.
              Today we head for DCA. My Son heads for cars Land to try to get the cone cups, so sorry no cone cups. The hunt goes on.
              We will be going to the wold of Color tonite, so we get the glowing ears for the show.
              So we enter the park and go to get our Sarbucks coffee I get the seasonal cupcake. It was very good. We rode the TLM and TSMM. But we did not Ride RSR or any of the other rides in CL since all of the wait times were over 1 hour. We went to bugs land, rode Heimlich the Baby loved it. Since it was hot we went to the water play area.
              We watched Just add watter, it is a nice use of the fountains during the day.

              Did some shopping and got a new freind for the Granddaughter. She tried to suck on the nose.

              Ate at the Wine Country for the World of Color meal. The food was great.
              The World of Color show was good but there was a little wind so we kept on getting misted. Maddie our grandgaughter did not like it. So Grandma took her to a dry area. one time during the show the mist traveled into the veiwing area to our right and you could hear the shock.
              After World of Color we went to Cars Land to see it at night. Then we called it a night.

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              Originally posted by Barbaraann View Post
              Absolutely beautiful photo of the Tiki Bird. Mine never come out that good.

              I look forward to reading more about your trip, and seeing more of your photos.
              I used a cannonsx40hs. It has a long zoom and it is an advanced point and shoot cammera. I thought about an SLR but did not want to get all of the lenses. I am still trying to learn how to use the camera it has a lot of functions and I need to mess with them to find out what works best in DL.
              My old camera could not get a good picture of the birds but this one has given some nice photos.

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              Day 4 July 11
              We went to DL and looked for the R2D2 cups but still no cups, we did see some cone cups latter on in the day.
              We start each day by getting the granddaughter dressed and then taking pictures, She wore her "Da Boss" outfit today.
              We got to the park a little latter, and it soon became apparent that it was going to get hot. The women went to the hotel to change into cooler cloths while the men took over baby duty.
              My Daughter-in-law did state that there were a lot of men using the baby center to change diapers. All I can say is good job juys.

              We watched the matterhorn climbers with delight. Our inside joke was they were doing it because of a coment to a manager over a year ago. A manager was watching the Matterhorn and my wife asked why they were not climbing the mountain. We know that it was not because of her comment, but it is good to see them climbing. It takes skill to make it look so easy.

              Went to the Tiki room again, and rode spalsh mountain, we took turns watching the Baby.
              Ate at the hungry Bear, Fried Green tomato sandwich with Sweet Potato fries. Eating while watching the ducks and the boats, life is good.
              It was the hottest day of the trip, so we spent some time in the inovations building, Maddie gets cranky when she gets hot.
              Went on Haunted mansion, it seemed like it was darker.
              Ate dinenr at the French Market.
              Then got ready for Fantasmic.
              My Daughter-in-law liked Fantasmic better than world of Color. We just try to get both in on each trip. It was a long day back to the hotel. Below are a few photos of Fantasmic.

              I could never get these to turn out with my old camera (it got replaced because it was starting to die on me)


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                Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

                Day 5 July 11
                Today is a park hopper day, we start in DCA and then end up in DL.
                Start the day by taking more photos of the Grandbaby, after all they grow up so fast.

                Following up on a lead that the cone cups were back we head over to DCA.
                Yep the cups were in got one for me and one for my son, all is right with the world, well amlost now we need the R2D2 cups.
                Stroll through cars land.

                Watched the baby ducks.

                watch Just add water from the other side of the bay.

                Ride GRR after all the weather is hot and dry might as well get wet.
                Rode on Soaring, well 3 of us did Grandma wanted to watch the Baby, and the ride bothers her (grandma that is).
                We got a tip that the R2D2 cups were in so we go to DL, finaly we have the cups.
                Did I mention that it had started to rain, since when does it rain in July in California.
                no problem we went to the store, everyone seems to have gone to the store. They stock the ponchos and the umbrelas behind the counter, so I buy some just incase it keeps raining, and it did. We rent a locker, it was nice to see that it is an all day rental it will come in handy tomorrow.
                We ride Small world again, everyone rides this time. it was a walk on, amazing what a little rain and a late nite will do.

                The parade was cancled because of the rain but the fire works went on as normal.
                another long day in the park time to head back to the hotel.

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                Day 6 July 13 our 5th full day in the park and our last day.
                We need to do some shopping, so we head out to Downtown Disney, plan is we will go shopping. Ride the monorail and rent a locker.
                all goes acording to plan but we neet to rent 2 lockers, no problem.
                We split up this time, everyone has to finish their wish list.
                We go to the Golden Horseshoe and watch the act there, I was plesently suprised. Before we had only seen Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, seems like all the shows are good. It was a little drama that involved some from the audience. The laughing stock Co. played the Mayor, sheriff and the Mayor's daughter.
                We also had time to see the parrade.

                Then we found a spot on main street to watch the fireworks.
                After the fireworks we took photos of the areas at night.

                Our last ride was the King Arthur Carousel.

                It was late and we have a long way to drive tomorrow, so off to the hotel.
                We pick up our loot from the locker and slowly trudge back to the hotel, Goodby Disney land. Thanks for a great trip.


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                  Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

                  Thanks for the great photos. The baby is adorable, and I am sure you have a future Disneyland fan in the family. Hopefully you will all spend many more Disneyland vacations together


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                    Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

                    Maddie was fantastic, she was not bothered by the fire works. In fact she wanted to see the lights and the colors.
                    She took a lot more care and time but it was worth it. Got some great photopass photos also, we are waiting for the CD to come.


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                      Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

                      That dusk shot of Flo's V8 Cafe is incredible. It's wonderful that the sky was cooperative and looking so spectacular.

                      No matter where you go, there you are.


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                        Re: Special Trip with newest Famly member.

                        Originally posted by sbk1234 View Post
                        That dusk shot of Flo's V8 Cafe is incredible. It's wonderful that the sky was cooperative and looking so spectacular.
                        yes that was a fortunate accident, Thursday with the rain would have been good also. Glad you liked the photo, it helps me remember the fun times.


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