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Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure


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  • Trip Report Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

    Saturday is almost here!! Our family of 10 will be arriving Saturday (I estimate around 4pm) from Mesa, Az. It's already been a year since the last trip, but I know a lot has happened, especially at DCA.

    So here's the plan. We arrive Saturday and check in at the Peacock for 3 days at the Disney parks. There will be a day off from the parks where my parents and my sister and brother in law go to a short timeshare presentation and collect 100 Disney Dollars per couple. That same day I'll go to Olivewood Cemetery in Riverside to visit my roommate. We were supposed to check out Friday, but my dad messed up on the reservation and won't be able to extend our reservation at the Peacock. So part 2 of our trip will happen a day earlier.

    Thursday we leave for Laughlin, NV. It's across the Colorado River from Bullhead City, AZ, not far from Needles (where Snoopy's brother Spike lives). We'll be staying 3 nights at the Colorado Belle Hotel/Casino. We were going to do 2 nights but mom really doesn't want to come home a day early! 2 of the nights are actually a Christmas present from me. My parents and sister and brother in law will be paying for the extra night. There is a possibility we'll be taking a day trip to Las Vegas (over an hour's drive from here) and take the kids to Circus Circus where they have the Adventure Dome (indoor amusement park) and free acrobatic circus acts.

    I still have one more day of work to go and then I'm free! We've had a lot of overtime here in the fraud department. I need to get away and not look at checks. I already got my car serviced, air and cabin filters replaced, and Disney Monorail decals on my trunk I was hoping to use mom's Impala for the cruise control, but she hasn't bought her new tires yet.

    This week was also a little long as a very good friend of mine is going through hard times with his family since his 16 year old brother was in a freak accident. I wound up baking him cookies last night and spending a couple hours at his house as I and another girl named Tess sat with him for quite a while while he was struggling. While his brother isn't doing so good, my friend is doing better. While I'll probably be thinking of my friend while I'm away, I know he'll be taken care of.

    Right now I need to get myself away from this computer and start packing! I'm also being distracted by "Disneyland After Dark" from the Disneyland USA Walt Disney Treasures collection.

    Monday at the earliest my pictures should start showing up in this thread. It's the same Kodak Play Sport camera I've been using since last year. This camera shoots and takes photos in a widescreen format. I'll have a new thread later on when I produce and post the video version of our trip.

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    Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

    I am looking forward to your Trip Report, I know you'll have a good time. We have stayed at the Peacock twice now and really love it. The only thing we had thte first time was that they put us on the back end next to the laundry facility next door and it was running all night. We requested another room and they accomidated us. The second visit was wonderful. They brought a basket with cookies and water to our room and bathroabes too. The kids loved that. Have a great time and remember us smucks out here.


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      Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

      I'm so tired!! I woke up at 6 this morning to finish my packing, eat breakfast, and get to my parent's house to leave for Anaheim.

      The last couple days have been a little draining as me and a good friend exchanged back and forth during his trial with his brother being in an accident and it looks like things are improving for him. Tomorrow is my friend's birthday and I wish him the best.

      We left about 9:30 and enjoyed a fried lunch at Popeye's in Blight. Oops. Did I just type that? I meant Blythe. We hit the I-10 again at 1, but I was feeling sleepy. My car doesn't have cruise, so it's a little tougher on a long drive. Plus, I had been having ergonomic issues at work that affected my legs and feet. I already have skinny bird legs, but my New Balance hiking shoes should help.

      I got to rest a little on the way since my dad drove from Chiriaco Summit to Banning. I drove the rest of the way. There was some traffic in Riverside, but the worst of it was on the 91 from Corona (big surprise there) all the way to the interchange with the 55. Then traffic was heavy due to a traffic accident under the 57.

      We arrived at the Peacock at 5 and have since checked in. I'll post them on Monday, but our rooms are remodeled rooms. They're pretty nice. The remodel included new kitchen sinks next to the bathroom, which will make washing dishes easier. The microwaves are now over the sinks.

      The plan tomorrow is Magic Morning! My little nieces have appointments at the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique


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        Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

        cant wait to hear all about it. have fun


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          Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

          I'm so tired! We had a long day at the park yesterday, but it was a lot of fun and it feels like we did a lot. But now that it's Hangover Monday, I'm feeling it in my feet and legs.

          We got up at 5am and got to the park at 7. This is a miracle for a family of 10. The weather is beautiful in the morning. At home the temperature is already in the 90s when I leave for work at 6:30, so the weather was a relief.

          Our first ride of the day was Star Tours. My little niece Lola is finally tall enough for this ride. Finally, we no longer have to switch off or keep either of the little girls distracted so daddy can go on some of these rides. Everyone loved Star Tours and you just feel excited to do more!

          We were going to ride Nemo during Magic Morning since the line moves kind of slow later in the day, but it wasn't up yet due to technical difficulties. The CMs at the entrance were really nice and engaged my nieces who were wearing their new dresses. Victoria had a Rapunzel dress and Lola had a Merida dress. They were given princess buttons.

          We proceeded to Fantasyland and did all 5 dark rides. It was best to do them early so that my dad won't have to stand as long, as well as I. The girls went on Dumbo and a second ride on Star Tours while we went to the Riverbelle Terrace for breakfast. After I slammed down a Mark Twain, I went to Indy to get our fastpasses. In fact, both Indy and Splash gave me some earlier than normal return times since the park wasn't as crowded as normal. Yes, there are a lot of people and I'm used to going in the summer when the parks are busier, but it never seemed crowded to the point that the park is one great, big sea of flesh.

          We rode on the classic Pirates of the Caribbean, then we used our Indy fastpass. My mom took the girls through the treehouse so their parents could ride Indy. I went to get our Splash fastpasses. To get there and back was a death march for me, but I tried to take it easy walking there.

          By the time I met up with my family it was time to get to Fantasyland where my sister had made appointments for the girls at Bibbitti Bobbitti Boutique. My sister has always wanted to bring the girls here, but this was the first time both girls were old enough and she had saved a little extra $$$ to do it. I picked up a couple Dole Whip floats for me and my dad while he waited outside. I enjoyed mine to the limit. I wish had another right now. My brother, oldest niece, and nephew went off on a couple rides. I'm not sure what they did. They would probably bore me if they told me.

          Standing in the boutique to see my little nieces get made over was hell on my feet, but they were really excited. I think the parents that make the sacrifice to take their girls here feel it's worth it (except for rich people) when they see how happy they feel when they see themselves for the first time with their hair, make up, dresses, and accessories. Victoria got pink hair and Lola got red. Since their hair was done bouffant style, I thought Lola was like Little Princess Peggy Bundy.

          We made the trip to Splash. This was Lola first trip. She got to sit in the wide seat with daddy and enjoyed it. Luckily we didn't get the tidal wave like last year. We also rode Pooh. Our vehicle was surprisingly sober. We also took a trip through Haunted Mansion. The CM at the entrance was kind enough to have us use the ramp off to the side to save him the walk of going into the queue.

          After Mansion we trotted off to Frontierland. I decided to sit out Thunder Mountain. I was tired and felt more that I should sit down and start eating. I'm used to lunch at 11 and it was approaching 2pm. A few other family members decided to sit out, too. I enjoyed the ecstasy of a Disneyland corn dog I ordered at Stagedoor Cafe.

          Because and only because my brother decided to wear his Kingdom Hearts t-shirt he was so proud of, I wore my Daria t-shirt that reads "I don't have low self esteem...I have low esteem for everyone else." I got it when I pre-ordered the box set in 2010. A couple of girls working at Stagedoor Cafe loved the show and loved my shirt and complemented me on it.

          I watched Soundsational from a distance as we moved on. I went to get Space Mountain fastpasses and meet the family at it's a small world. After that restful ride, we did Autopia. I hate those gas pedals. I pined for my Civic. We also watched Captain EO. Space Mountain was down at that point, but came back up while we were in the Star Trader. My sister, brother in law, and kids went on it while my parents, brother, and I did Buzz. When our fastpass time came up, we rode Space. I dreaded that long walk going up the ramp and winding down to the loading station. It sure was fun!

          It was around 8 by this time. We were all growing tired. We bought a few snacks in Tomorrowland before going to the Tiki Room. My oldest niece lost her wallet and had to report it to City Hall if it's found. This isn't the first time she's lost money at Disneyland. She should be grateful I'm the one who holds our park tickets.

          We enjoyed the TIki Room. I didn't see Maynard, so thought he must have been off or something, but when we were exiting, there he was! My nieces sat with another little girl in a princess dress who also got a makeover. They were adorable.

          When we got to the front of the park it was after 9. Since Magical hadn't started at that point, the trams were not busy. It was nice to get to the car before the rush.

          We were tired when we got back to our rooms. I'm still tired now.

          My plan for today is to go to Riverside and visit my old roommate at Olivewood Cemetery. I usually stop and see him when I come to Disneyland. I had also gotten an update on my friend about his brother. He's talking now! If my friend weren't all the way back home, I would hug him right now.

          And now here are some widescreen pics. I have one of those Kodak Play Sport cameras. They seem to work best when there's a lot of light, but the video is decent for the most part and the camera is waterproof.

          First, the hotel:


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            Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

            We took it easy today. I drove to Riverside and visited my old roommate. I won't go into detail on how we wound up at this point since it was 4 years ago and you can find plenty of old news articles doing a search.

            After returning to the hotel for lunch, I took my parents to Target. I needed to pick up a new memory card since I filled my 4GB card easily yesterday since I used video in some attractions vs photos outside where there's good light.

            Tomorrow the plan is to visit the Disney California Adventure park. I can't wait to see Buena Vista Street and Carsland. It will be great to visit the park without construction walls. On our last vacation the Pan Pacific gates just came into use, the Carthay Circle Theater was still under wraps during construction, and the walls blocked off the parade route, forcing you through Hollywoodland and Bug's Land or through Condor Flats and Grizzly Peak. The Little Mermaid had also opened the month before along with Star Tours.

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              Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

              We had such a long day! We went to DCA today, however, we didn't get there early enough. Before 9:30 the Radiator Springs Racers fastpasses were all gone! With a 120 minute wait, there was no way we were going to wait in that line. I guess there's always next year.

              We still got to hit other great attractions like Soarin', Grizzly River Run, and the Little Mermaid. We also got sundaes from Ghirardelli.


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                Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

                Nice pics!

                thanks for sharing


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                  Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

                  Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days. I'm so tired!

                  We had a good last day at Disneyland. We were able to hit a bunch of attractions. We even made it all the way to closing time! We watched Magical and had some strawberry funnel cakes.

                  The next day we left for Laughlin, but my brother in law's check engine light came on when we left the hotel He said it was making a sputtering sound. He got the problem diagnosed at Pep Boys. I thought it was the spark plugs and I was right! Replacing the spark plugs fixed the problem, but by the time we left it was past 5pm. We were stuck in rush hour on the 91, but it was smooth sailing up I-15.

                  By the time we got checked in to the Colorado Belle in Laughlin, and to our rooms in the Bourbon Tower, it was almost midnight. We were dead tired, but had to change rooms due to the noisy air conditioner rattling away.

                  We had some in Laughlin hitting the casino, seeing the classic cars, and eating. We did the Friday night buffet at Colorado Belle for the all you can eat crab legs. My mom's plate was piled high and she ate them all! We took it easy here, sleeping in and getting a late start to the day.

                  We made it home safely today, despite the monsoon storms pouring down on my car. I have work in the morning, but I'll be sure to post more pictures this week.


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                    Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

                    Finally got around to adding photos from our last day at Disneyland and Laughlin. The last couple days have been long with the drive home and 2 long work days. And now it looks like I'm moving within a month to a different with new roommates!

                    The following pictures are from Laughlin, NV. A few came from the classic car exhibit in the Riverside Casino.

                    Now, the next thing is to produce a video with the pictures and video clips I took on this trip. But moving might delay that a little...


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                      Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

                      Great pictures and thanks for sharing!

                      Looks a like a great trip!


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                        Re: Koutesu's 2012 Trip: Disney Casino Adventure

                        NIcEEEE!!! THannks!!


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