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  • Trip Report Short Trip Report - Thoughts

    Just got back from a 5-day, girls only trip to "the land". Some brief thoughts:

    * Radiator Springs Racers is AWESOME! Also, LOVE that it has a single rider option. (Speaking of, people need to relearn what the word single means. NO, you cannot sit with your party, so stop harassing the poor cast members!)
    * Mermaid is super cute! (neither of us had been there since Paradise Pier was a sea of construction walls) Since there is hardly any wait, we rode this several times.
    * The food at Flo's is delicious! LOVE LOVE LOVE the apple cheddar pie!
    * We never rode the tires. The line was super long (over an hour), and from the looks of it, this is due to a very long load/unload time. At least, that was our not-so-expert impression. Looks like it is probably fun, but not enough to endure an hour wait. Next trip...
    * The Cultivating the Magic tour at Disneyland was really nice! It was a nice mix of Disneyland history and horticulture. The crowds were heavy that day, so this was a nice, relaxing way to slow down and enjoy the beauty of Disneyland. And it came with a super cute pin (it "sprouts" a Disney rose).
    * Funny/sad moment: We walked past a small girl that was eating a Mickey ice cream on a stick. She had the most concerned look on her face and near tears she said, "I'm eating Mickey's head!!!! I'm sooooorrrrryyyy Mickey." I never thought about how traumatizing that could be to a little kid.

    Since this was my first trip away from my little future Disney fan, we decided to enjoy some of the more adult offerings at the resort. Here are my thoughts on that part of the trip:

    * A Visit to Trader Sam's followed by a trip on Autopia is a safe way to experience drinking and driving. Just sayin. (If you saw two women with no kids on Autopia laughing like lunatics, this was probably us.. haha)
    * The food, drinks, and service at the Carthay Lounge were top notch! And, despite earlier rumors, they let us use the bathroom in the restaurant with no question.
    * Cove Bar lobster nachos = Yummilicious. Or maybe that is the Mai Tai talking. Does it really matter? Yummy all the same.
    * Mad Hatter band playing 80s covers from our youth + Cosmo (not sure what Disney called it) + dancing with a punked out Tweedle = a super fun night!

    This was a great trip. 5 days is a long time, but it allowed us to slow down and enjoy the parks/resort at a reasonable pace.

    -Dr. A.
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    Re: Short Trip Report - Thoughts

    Sounds like you had a blast! As much as I love DL with my kids I really want to do an adults only friend trip!
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