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My thoughts on the "new" California Adventure


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  • My thoughts on the "new" California Adventure

    Overall I really like the new entrance/Buena Vista St.

    To me it really feels more coherent and a little more immersive, at least at the entrance. It felt more like a sister-park to Disneyland instead of the step-sister fighting for an identity.

    I always loved DCA, my wife and I both worked at Disney Studios the year it opened, so I was able to attend the employee only soft launch weekend and I was sold immediately.

    i have remained a fan of the park since then. It used to be partly because they sold alcohol, partly because the place was always less crowded than DL, so it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle, and partly because it had a cool, laid back vibe. When I was older and became a father I liked it because I think Bugs Land is the most underrated part of either park for parent's of young children (infant to 2 yo). My son LOVED it before he could go on the "big boy rides!"

    When I walked in to DCA Sunday June 22, it felt more like when you first enter Main St. at DL and I liked it. RCR was an exasperating experience, but that is written in another post - this is about what I liked and my first impressions.

    Anyway, those were just my thoughts.

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