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  • [Question] December planning

    So I know its still early and difficult to plan because we don't have an entertainment schedule out yet. But, I know we can go off history and hunches and I am a ok with that.

    Thus is the first trip ill be taking with my mom to DL in over 10 years. And the first vacation with mom and the boyfriend. Poor guy lol.

    We have a vacation booked 12/15-12/19. We have PAPs and six flags season passes as well (we have a local park).

    We drive from northern ca, and we only drive at night. We have a car to drive, we have hotels booked but I'm trying to decide about dining and scheduling. Most of you know I am a commando vacationer who is disabled, lol I make myself laugh sometimes.

    We originally planned to drive Friday night the 14th to valencia, arrive in the am and head straight to MM. Mom and boyfriend are excited for this part. And I figured Saturday at MM in December would be less of a stress case than DL. Do I have the right theory here??

    Then we can stay in valencia that night or drive to anaheim. The park closes at 6pm so I'm not sure what is the best. Although I am leaning towards just heading to anaheim so I can settle and be ready for DL the next morning early.

    Then we have Sunday-Wednesday in the parks. I want to schedule dining according to entertainment. Mom has never seen WOC so that is a must, and I was hoping to book it at WCT (bfs favorite place to eat in the parks). After looking at the CC menus I think I prefer lunch there. So the problem is I don't want to book both of those on the same days, too much food. But I have to make sure WOC is showing the day I book for WCT. Does it run everyday during the winter? Did it last year?

    Then as for DL dining I want to eat at carnation cafe and cafe Orleans. But I'm torn between dinner on both or one dinner. Any tips?
    I thought about but decided against the F! dessert seating. So maybe schedule one of those dinners at CO during the first showing and then we can watch the second showing but be close enough to the viewing its not a trek to get there and get a good spot? But what night? Do they show F! On Sunday nights during the holiday season? What about the fireworks? Do I have to change my plans and go to MM on Wednesday so I can see these on saturday night at DL?

    If I must I can manipulate our dates so we can fit in all the night time entertainment. But it will just be a pain to do so because I got such good rates when I booked I don't want to loose them. Oh and we stay off site.
    Any helpful tips are greatly appreciated, I have been to the parks during holiday season in about 7 years so I'm a bit out of touch lol.

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    Bump ... Tips? Reviews? Ideas? :confused:


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