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Revv-ealing Little-Known Factoids About Cars Land


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  • Revv-ealing Little-Known Factoids About Cars Land

    Source: Disney Parks Blog

    Cars Land is constructed with the inclusion of all kinds fun, interesting detail Here are a set of factoids that you may find of interest:

    1) Luigi's Flying Tires has 6,714 air vents that propel guest's vehicles.

    2) Out of 22 tractors at Matar's Junkyard Jamboree, no two are alike in terms of engaging personalities and looks.

    3) The total annual travel dstance per car at Radiator Springs Racers is around 36,000 miles. This constitutes 14 full length
    Route 66 trips.

    4) Domestically, the Ornament Valley Mountain Range holds the large as life distinction of being the largest rockwork formation a Disney theme park.

    5) The Route 66 area of Cars Land stretches out 525 feet, with a width of 23 feet.

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    Re: Revv-ealing Little-Known Factoids About Cars Land

    Oh you want more? here's CARS LAND by the numbers.

    280,000 -- Square feet of rockwork in Cars Land, making Ornament Valley mountain range the largest rockwork created in a domestic Disney theme park; built to an unusual level of complexity with very few 90-degree angles.

    125 -- Height in feet at the tallest peak of Ornament Valley range

    6 -- Distinct car tail fins represented in the Ornament Valley range, inspired by classic car models from 1957 to 1962; hood ornaments, wheel wells and radiator caps also represented in the rockwork.

    4,000 -- Tons of steel used to construct the Ornament Valley range and Radiator Springs Racers attraction.

    45 -- The steepest degree of banking on the track of the thrilling Radiator Springs Racers attraction.

    7 -- Songs sung by Mater at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

    70 -- Species of native plants in Cars Land (450+ specimens of trees and cactus)

    16 -- Neon signs in Cars Land, with the Flo's V8 Cafe sign standing tallest at 27 feet.

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      Re: Revv-ealing Little-Known Factoids About Cars Land

      The information is very interesting.

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      I just saw it the first time. Thanks for sharing this.
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        Re: Revv-ealing Little-Known Factoids About Cars Land

        Every third yellow light does bink longer.


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          Re: Revv-ealing Little-Known Factoids About Cars Land

          I keep reading the thing about the Mater tractors all being unique, but I have yet to see a side by side comparison. I didn't notice any differences when I rode a couple weeks ago.


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