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  • [Question] Help!!


    My cousin who is currently in the Military right now, bought us all tickets to Disneyland. It's the current military discount for $99 3 day park hopper. Because his still active with the military something came up and he got called in for a mandatory training. Our trip to Disneyland has already been set and hotel is already been paid for. We are all suppose to go this coming Tuesday (7/31) with him. I know that he's suppose to be with us prior to getting the tickets at the gate but now everything has change because he can't come with us on that day. I called disney and asked if we can still get in without him but they said that he needs to be there with us to get the tickets for at least the first day. Also they said that ANYBODY with either a valid military ID or retired veteran can get us in to the park.

    Is there anybody on planning going to disneyland on Tuesday (7/31) that is willing to help us to get in the park that has a Military ID or a retired veteran. This trip is suppose to be for my son's 10th birthday and he hasn't been to disneyland and he is excited for this coming trip. Any help would be appreciated, we are from San Francisco bay area and we don't know anybody around here in LA / Orange county area.

    PM me or email at [email protected]

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    Re: Help!!

    try a micechatter by the name of Leviathan. He might be able to help you.


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