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Disneyland Documentary Question

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  • [Question] Disneyland Documentary Question

    I remember hearing about a documentary that I believe is about Disneyland Fanatics. There was one scene I recall reading that was about a protest at City Hall because Disney was regulating the speed of the Teacups.

    Anyone ever heard of it before? Or seen it?

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    Re: Disneyland Documentary Question

    No help here! Sorry sounds interesting though
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      Re: Disneyland Documentary Question

      I remember reading about it in another Disney forum and remember finding it on IMDB. I don't think it was released yet though. Never did hear anything more about it. With the talks about the protests currently happening it reminded me about that movie. The past few days I have been trying to find it or any information.


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        Re: Disneyland Documentary Question

        I don't recall the documentary, but do recall the incident with the teacups. Here are some links:
        At Disneyland, slower teacups - Overlawyered
        Around and Around and... - Los Angeles Times
        Save the Teacups [Archive] - MousePad