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Enchanted Tiki Room soft openings tonight 3/11


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    Can't wait to see it!


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      I'll be there Monday, I am so excited to see it!


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        Originally posted by merlinjones
        I can't wait to see it - - but I second the motion for a return to the aloha shirts and mumus - - that new Tiki Room shirt by Shag should become the new costume!

        That's an AWESOME idea. I think the cast members would like it too!

        Argh, I hate websites that refuse to let you view things without registering. I know there's some reasoning behind it, but it's just annoying for those of us who just want to pop over and view pictures.

        Anyways, I'm LOVING the new Tiki Room... I think it looks fabulous!

        Anymore pictures anyone?


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          Originally posted by AaronInCal
          For tonight, the CM work khaki tan pants and a white shirt. I can't remember, but I think they wore Hawaiian shirts before the Tiki Room closed?

          There are some pics already up over on MIBoards for anyone who is interested.. Here's the link:

          i hope that tiki cast members will be getting new costumes before the summer. rumor was that they were supposed to get stuff specially designed by shag. no official word yet though. keep your figers crossed.
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          i have no idea


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            I read somewhere else (can't remember, sorry) that they pulled a couple people from Indy last night to keep the Tiki room open until park closing. So it's possible that was one of the CMs I saw. Since it was a soft opening, they may not have had the CMs in their actual Tiki costumes. So hopefully today it will be known what they will be wearing.


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              Ahh... the Tiki room is finally grand again!


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