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From Desert to Disney - A Photographic Trip Report (PHOTO - HEAVY)


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  • Trip Report From Desert to Disney - A Photographic Trip Report (PHOTO - HEAVY)

    I just finished posting an another older set of pics on World Showcase at Epcot, and now it's time to do justice to DLR. My family and I took a trip this past December to Nevada to see my sister, then to Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Boulevard, and from there to DLR. So, I'll start this report with just a handful of pics from the former locales, but the lion's share of these will be from DLR. My shots are as usual of various details, vistas, views, and sometimes cast members or interesting people when the opportunity arises, so enjoy them as you may. I am of course just a mere lay photographer, so my photo quality certainly doesn't approach that of some of the other, more regular posters here whose work I admire greatly, but I do hope you enjoy them. :-)

    Having said all that, let's away to Nevada then, shall we...?

    Our first stop of interest is Valley of Fire State Park near Overton, NV, about an hour's drive northeast of Las Vegas. You can learn more about the park at this link Valley of Fire State Park | Nevada State Parks

    There had been a good bit of rain recently, so there's an unusually high amount of foilage in and amongst the rocks.

    All of the geology in the area has this reddish-brown cast to it, apparently from the high quantity of oxidized iron in the stones.

    Now it's on to Hollywood Boulevard to visit the star of one of my favorite people...

    ... and now heading down Santa Monica Blvd to the pier for a nice sunset...

    ... and finally making our way to the Disneyland Resort! First stops are in DCA for a few shots... Remember when the Carthay Theater had that terrible-looking scaffolding all around it? Can't argue with the resulting building though...

    When my youngest daughter was four, she was JUST tall enough to ride this at WDW, and it was her favorite ride of the vacation. Her little hiney was airborne almost the whole ride... lol.

    Ok, done at DCA, and heading over to DL to get Xmas pix and other things... Here we go..!

    Ah, finally to get some pix of one of my favorite rides, Indiana Jones..!!!

    Something I've never seen before... The switchback queue actually devoid of waiting guests...

    We tried disturbing the bats, but it didn't work... :cfrown:

    The sharp spikes, however, worked just fine... Here are the remains of a careless guest from the ride's opening weekend, left as a warning message I'm sure...

    But Mara looks so happy and content here..?! Shame she gets so cranky later...

    Seems to me there's less "frontier" in and around Frontierland than there used to be... Maybe it's just me.

    Heading south through to Adventureland... Interesting details around the Tiki Room exterior...

    My kids poke fun at me because I take lots of photos of random things... True enough... lol.

    Moving on to New Orleans Square, which I've never seen decked out for the holidays before... Just gorgeous...

    Just love the colors and richness of the decorations...

    Lots of folks enjoying their day now...

    Happy to see they attracted some wildlife to the Rivers of America area...

    Hmm... Now what station are we at..?

    Well, there ya go... Toontown it is..!

    Never noticed these service organization emblems before... Love it..! I had a grandfather that was an Elks Club member for years and years... so these are a little extra funny for me... hehe!

    Hmm... I'd think you'd get some lower back pain doing that all the time... DUCK at work, get it..?? I know - don't quit my day job...

    Moving on...

    FINALLY..! A near perfect photo of Monorail Orange gliding over the sub lagoon... I'm so proud of me..! :yea:

    Now here's an angle of the Matterhorn you don't see too often... Straight up!

    Uh oh... I feel some dark side coming on... :ceek:

    Now THAT is one impressive... codpiece... dude.

    LOVE all the poinsettias at the Partners statue...

    Now it's through the castle and into Fantasyland..! Below is another fav ride of mine, and I got to ride Jingles..! YAY!

    AH HA! I finally got a shot of the queen in all her eeeeee-vil, narcissistic glory...

    If you're an old-timer and this shot doesn't make you pine for the Skyway... (sigh)... Bring it back Disney, PUH-LEEZ!!:beg:

    Never noticed these little guys before...

    Um... and only half-a-squirrel..? Poor little furball...

    I think this is what kids use as an argument with their parents to fore-go apples and buy sour patch kids instead... lol.

    There's the jolly guy himself... HI SANTA..!!!! :wave:

    Never noticed this sign before with one of my fav characters..!

    Ok, now I have TRIED to love on this thing... but I just can't. Put it back in the center of Tomorrowland up high where it goes, will ya..?!

    A more traditional view of the Matterhorn...

    Mary and Bert were so very pleasant, and Mary had a good, long talk with my daughter on manners and on how she ought to keep her room tidy while she was signing her autograph book. When Mary Poppins speaks, you get it done... Spit Spot.!!

    She was also kind enough to pose for me in that fantastic dress of hers...

    And finally, here come the toy soldiers...

    ... and there go the toy soldiers...

    ... and there my batteries finally died, so thence comes to a close our little jaunt around DLR.

    Hope you enjoyed the ride..!
    -Tony :roll:

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    Re: From Desert to Disney - A Photographic Trip Report (PHOTO - HEAVY)

    Nice! Really love the first few desert pics!


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      Re: From Desert to Disney - A Photographic Trip Report (PHOTO - HEAVY)

      Very nice trip report. As for your kids making fun of you for taking pictures of "random" things, none of it seemed random to me. When you're in Disneyland, you're in a photgrapher's dream, with not a bad subject to be had anywhere. Keep on with all the pics, and post them regularly!

      No matter where you go, there you are.


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        Re: From Desert to Disney - A Photographic Trip Report (PHOTO - HEAVY)

        nice p ictures. and seeing the christmas stuff makes me excited. thanks


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