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My Most Magical Surprise at the Park. What's Yours???


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  • [Fun] My Most Magical Surprise at the Park. What's Yours???

    I was thinking today about the best experiences I have had in the Disneyland Park growing up and I am curious as to what is everyone's best/favorite experience, surprise, etc.

    Here is my most magical surprise:

    In 2009 I was at the parks from after Christmas until New Year's Day. I was attending the Rose Bowl (Go Ducks!) and decided that I had to go to Disneyland for the week around the big game. Well, everyone else wanted to be at Disneyland too and everyday for probably about 5 days the park was completely full. The park would reach the fire code limit and stop letting people in until other guests left. Needless to say it was SO crowded and the lines for rides were extremely long. I know that no one likes big crowds and having to wait in line, but I really dislike it.

    On the 3rd day of our trip it was rainy outside but still very crowded. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were tired from previous long days at the park, annoyed with the crowds, and cold from the rain. We were about to head to the hotel at about 9am to just relax for the day. On our way out of DCA two girls (late teens or early 20s) came up to us and said they had special passes for the day but were leaving and they gave us their passes and walked off (no idea why they were leaving at 9am when they had such great passes). The pass looked like a fastpass but had a note on it saying that for today only the guest could keep the pass all day long and use it as a fastpass on any of the fastpass rides in Disneyland or DCA. So basically we could go in the fastpass lines on all the fastpass rides all day, as many times as we wanted. Many of the cast members seemed to not really know what the pass was because they would have to stare at it for a while to make sure they weren't actually supposed to collect it.

    We were so ecstatic! Instead of heading to the hotel we spent all day at the parks (until midnight) going on all the big rides and skipping the 90+ minute waits. It was the most amazing thing ever and made our trip so much more fun and less stressful! We were able to spend the rest of our trip just walking around and taking in the sights instead of fighting the crowds for the big rides. I wish I had the pass still to read what it said (I don't exactly remember) but we decided to share the magic and give it to another couple for the last 2 hours of the park that day.

    Has anyone else experienced something like this? Anyone know what the pass really was and why these girls would of had one?

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    Re: My Most Magical Surprise at the Park. What's Yours???

    I love that! I love it when people are good to other people. The most I've ever had at the park was an unused Fastpass or two that I could give to someone.
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