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I booked a concierge level room at the GCH. What should I expect?


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  • [Question] I booked a concierge level room at the GCH. What should I expect?

    So this morning I called the WDTC to reserve our standard, no frills room at the Grand Californian Hotel. I last spoke to them on Monday, and got a quote, and was just waiting until today to pull the trigger. Well during those three days, all the standard rooms in the hotel got booked up, and only concierge level stuff was available. Long story short, we booked a standard concierge room, and I have no idea what that means. Any tips?

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    Re: I booked a concierge level room at the GCH. What should I expect?

    You will get a standard room which will be a little ways from the Concierge Lounge. If you can check in early in the day maybe you'll get lucky and get a better room, an obscurred view type room or something like that.

    You should get some use out of the lounge. Get breakfast there, get lunch if in the hotel or if in the Golden State area of DCA since it's close. Also the little dinner if nearby. Of course you cans top in and get snacks and drinks. If you want stuff to go, for in your room or in the park just ask. Also if you are hoping for something that isn't in the lounge just ask the attendants are very nice.

    Using the lounge for food will help you save money elsewhere. It's best if you can get four glasses of wine in the loung than in DCA. Of course if you have less people it doesn't work out as well when you only need a bottle of water.
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      Re: I booked a concierge level room at the GCH. What should I expect?

      heres waht to ex[ect, As i may have been the one who got you that room today lol.
      Standard con: looking out over pool
      premium con : looking out over DCA
      What you get. Ill start with the things i dont talk about because i dont care about em lol.
      Nightly turndown service. Paper every day of the week in the lounge. Take out DVDs free of charge to bring back to your room to watch. They have board games but you cant take them out of the lounge.
      WHAT I LOVE:
      A fully stock refrigerator in the lounge with the little water,soda and juice bottles.
      Crustable sandwich's i dont care who you are these are YUMMY lol
      Continental breakfast
      Snacks through out the day.
      Wine reception at 5(IIRC) with chees and crackers and heavy snacks. Kids drinks as well.
      A for lack of a better word, high end chocolate sampling at 8pm. At this time for the kids they have cookies AWESOME and drinks, milk or what have you.
      I saved the best for last

      Now theres no better place then the park to watch the fireworks am i right? Of course, BUT the most comfortable spot would be in the lounge, they pipe in the music and your steps away from your room. They also serve food through out that also.


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        Re: I booked a concierge level room at the GCH. What should I expect?

        If you don`t want tp pay the higher price for concierge and still want a standard room, wait until two weeks before your arrival date and call every day to try and downgrade to the standard. We went thru this when we booked for Thanksgiving week and all that was available was premium rooms, We booked three ( two families) and were able to downgrade a week or so before arrival because of cancellations. They gave us two rooms at standard rates on the Villas side overlooking DCA. Another time we did this we got standard rooms but on arrival they upgraded us to pool view at no extra charge.


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