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"Mint Juleps" at Starbuck's!


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  • [Fun] "Mint Juleps" at Starbuck's!

    Starbuck's has gotten into the energy drink market w/ a new drink they call a "refresher." It comes in two flavors, one of which is lime. When I tried it, the lime refresher tasted just like a mint julep! The manager confirmed that there is mint flavor in addition to the lime in the mix and mentioned that some customers have noticed subtle differences in the flavor at different branches.

    The strangest part? Right after this conversation, what should start to play in the store but a (very good) jazz cover of "Zip a Dee Do Dah."
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    Re: "Mint Juleps" at Starbuck's!

    The Cool Lime Refresher does have a similar flavor to mint julep. We tested the drink in certain markets here in the Southwest last summer and it was highly successful and is now back for a nationwide launch. Both the Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime Refreshers are in ways an "energy" drink, just as much as regular coffee is. The refreshers use a green coffee extract, that is an extract of caffeine and such from the coffee bean before it is roasted and is still "green", and then mixed with fruit juices which yes, for the Cool Lime is kind of a blend of lime and mint flavors (I often liken to a virgin mojito but I've had customers also say it reminds them of a margarita). The green extract in and of itself has a fruity flavor not normally associated with coffee due to the extraction before roasting.

    It's funny you bring up it's similarity to a mint julep because I've totally used that when explaining it to customers but more often than not am met with blank stares haha. I definitely have to agree with you though.


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