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  • News Destination D is great

    The presentations today were teriffic.

    They started with the early years and had Bio's for each of the Nine Old Men animaters with examples of their work.

    This was followed with the Roy O Disney story. Showing how he kept Animation alive, and saved the Disney Company from Coporate raiders, with gems like The Ltl Mermaid.

    The highlite was the Animation Studios today.
    They were very very strict on no recording or cameras. Shown was the Short Tangled Ever After, followed by Wreck-It Ralph highlights. A new Black & White short called Paperman, that was different and fun.

    The amazing highlight was the fall 2013 movie "Frozen". They showed art, storyboards, and told much of the story. They had a live presentation of a Song from Frozen that was wonderful and moving. The background art looks great. The main characters are two beautiful Princess sisters from in Norway.

    Late afternoon was Animating the Disney Parks. This had artwork and concepts from Disneyland, Rides, and Walt Disney World. This evening they scheduled Dick van Dyke singing(?)... I skipped this.

    I am very excited for tomorrow.
    It will include Whacky Animation, Characters, Tinkerbell's Evolution, and Snow White.
    But, the most look forward things are a tribute to the voice actors with apperannces,
    including Kathryn Beaumont (Alice / Wendy).

    Topped off with live music by Alan Menken!!!!!


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    Re: Destination D is great

    I haven't even heard of Frozen!? I'm super excited about WIR though.
    Check out my Disney inspired creations.


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      Re: Destination D is great

      Completely forgot this was even happening! It sounds really great.


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