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"Sold out" of one day park hoppers?


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  • "Sold out" of one day park hoppers?

    I heard this story today from a co-worker, does anyone have any comments about this?

    The park gets full to capacity many days during the Christmas holiday, right? My co-workers visited last week and needed to buy passports to get in. It was close to capacity at the time. At the ticket window they were informed that all the one-day tickets were "sold out" and that, in order to get in the park, they would have to buy not just a park hopper, but a two-day park hopper. So they had to pay over a hundred bucks apiece to get in. And, the second day on the pass expires in a mere TWO WEEKS.

    They are still talking about how pissed they are at Disneyland; now they have to try and sell the remaining day to someone else, and of course all day long they fretted about having spent the extra money, but they had carpooled with other people so didn't have the option of turning around and going home.

    California Adventure wasn't full to capacity, of course, so you could buy a ticket either for that, or a park hopper for both; I can see that; but they didn't say that, they said the one-day park hoppers were now "sold out" and try to squeeze people for additional days...doesn't that seem LOW?

    I asked her some other questions, because I thought maybe she had misunderstood the available options, but she is pretty savvy and it sounds like that's really what the park's policy is.

    If anyone can put this into perspective...?

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    Re: &quot;Sold out&quot; of one day park hoppers?

    1 day park hoppers are no longer sold when the park is "FULL" there are many signs informing everyone who gets close the the parks that this is infact true.

    Why in the world would they want to buy a "Park hopper" when they cant get into Disneyland?

    1 Day, 1 Park tickets were still being sold for DCA only. (In fact, they had somthing I have never seen before... Exception tickets.) Exception tickets were prob. still available.

    Check this thread out for more info on what these "Exception" tickets looked like and how the signs warning cars of Disneyland being "Full"


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      Re: &quot;Sold out&quot; of one day park hoppers?

      There are actually many threads with this information already, next time click "Search" and search for those threads.

      Anywho... to answer your question, whenever Disneyland Park needs to restrict access, single-day passes (whether it's a Park Hopper or not) are the FIRST to get restricted out. That means that you cannot buy single-day tickets at the Box Office because at that moment, single-day passes are not usable at all to get into Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure. At that time they also stop selling Annual Passport Blockout tickets.

      If attendance in the Park rises to certain levels, they start restricting more and more groups out... next would be pre-purchased multi-day passports from non-Resort Hotel Guests (this is also when they stop selling all multi-day passports at the Box Office), then Annual Passholders that are not normally blocked out that day (yes they can be denied access as well), and then in worse case scenarios, re-entry Guests and Resort Hotel Guests.

      Speaking of exception tickets, I don't think they do that all the time.
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        Re: &quot;Sold out&quot; of one day park hoppers?

        Thanks for the info, I will pass it on to my friends.


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