So last weekend I was meandering thru Buena Vista St. when I noticed for the first time Willies Shoes ice cream cart. At least I think it was ice cream. This was near the central fountain. Anyways, do you remember that moment in the movie Ratatouille when the food critic took his first bite of Remy's ratatouille and he instantly flashed backed as a kid in his mothers kitchen. Well that happened to me the moment I read those 2 words on the cart.. Williessss. Shooooooessss.... (insert mind explosion) I'm talking instantly. Life going in rewind from that moment to the past at light speed. Willies Shoes was one these random childhood memories of mine that had pretty much remained in hibernation for 30 years. When I was a little boy, my mom took me everywhere and during a time in her life, she was an Ice Skater. And she always had her shoes repaired by Willie. He was like an uncle to me. He looked and sounded similar to Bela Lugosi, the actor famous for playing Count Dracula in the late 1920's .We knew him very well. We were there at least once a month. Often twice. My mom had a lot of shoes. I can still remember the smells of his shop. Shoe polish and leather and the kind of shoe repair equipment that looked like it was made for making ammunition and lasted a century. At some point in my childhood we stopped going and I was too young to revisit him. By the time I was old enough to drive, I never took the time to search him out. But I remember being there like it was yesterday. With both Willie and my mother passed, it was nice to see something in DCA reminding me of a time when life was good. I hadn't seen this stand or its history mentioned anywhere and if so, sorry for the dup, but I thought I would share a personal story about this wonderful man and his historic shoe shop.

You can read about him here: Willie's Shoe Service -

If anyone has a photo of the cart in DCA, it would be a nice share in this thread.

Thanks for reading.