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6-Day Park Hopper - My experience


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    I just returned home from vacationing in Anaheim for 8 days. My family originally wanted to purchase 6-day Park Hopper tickets for 4. As everyone knows the Disneyland website only offers 5-Day Park Hopper tickets for sale. Previous forum posts indicated that once I was at Disneyland I could go to the ticket booth and purchase the additional 6th day, which is exactly what I did. On day 3 I went to the ticket booth and asked if I could add an additional day. I was expecting the cost to be around $20.00 per ticket and that it would cost me $80.00 total....if they allowed it at all.

    To my surprise, the cast member took all of our tickets, scanned them, and then handed them back to us. Within a moment she handed us additional tickets that said "1-DAY PARK HOPPER COMPLIMENTARY", "EXPIRES: AUG 13 2014"

    Free? That's correct, and they are good for two years.

    We decided not to use them. We'll bank them and they'll be used on our next trip to Anaheim.

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