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Disney face auditions.


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  • [Question] Disney face auditions.

    Hi, I'm from England and after my 2 year course here I'm moving to California and would love to work at Disneyland, however, I'm completely clueless about a lot of things to do with working for Disneyland I was hoping you could help me answer some questions?

    First of all, I've been to disneyland resort twice and I don't remember seeing any face characters. Are there face characters? And also, regarding requirements to be a face character, what do they look for in a CM? I have a good complexion I guess, but I have freckles, not many, but two larger than normal ones on my cheek. They're more like tiny moles really. How does this do for my chances?

    Thank you!
    Anything you can tell me about anything to do with CM would be greatly appreciated. :bow:
    What would I give to see you smiling at me?

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