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Disneyland Resort photo update - March 11


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  • Disneyland Resort photo update - March 11

    I went to Disneyland yesterday with some friends..
    The Enchanted Tiki Room opened early last night and was great and Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage opened at DCA yesterday for a few showings and then quietly closed their doors again. The attraction isn't scheduled to re-open until March 13.
    Also, work and painting is still going hard in Tomorrowland and on the Mark Twain...

    Here are the photos:

    The Main St train station is completely finished. No walls to be found!

    Work continued inside the train station, however, and a door was open early in the day.

    A local high school marched down Main Street around noon.

    The people mover is looking more and more appealing as the painting progresses. Now only if they'd get an attraction up there!

    Workers were sanding away at the gold/brown wall in front of Star Tours as you enter Tomorrowland.

    People Mover track - becoming blue.

    Blue Blue Blue!

    The Mark Twain gets some gold

    Work aboard the Twain...

    Gold Gold Gold

    Aladdin's Oasis is still all covered up.

    The Tiki Room got some rock polish before it opened to the masses later that evening.

    The amazing new Tiki Torches were burning brightly all day. They really look great up there.

    CMs at the Tiki Room making final preparations before the re-opening

    Superstar Limo no more!

    A peek behind the SSL construction walls. Anybody know what the plastic things are lying around?

    Playhouse Disney opened in the mid afternoon for a sneek peek at the new show. However, all the signs announcing the return for March 13 were still up.

    It was closed later that afternoon.

    Crowds gather in the Enchanted Tiki Garden...

    Filling up the garden

    Fresh, new sign

    The chairs weren't all attached to eachother and stuck to the ground as they were pre-refurb...

    Wall-Tikis are freshly re-painted and work much better than before, however, not as well as they probably should.

    I swear, they added more perches and more birds overhead... or am I losing it?

    The Bird Mobile - sorry for the blur...

    Well, that's all it.. enjoy.

    Photos, news, and commentary every week from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom!

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    You would think that being in New York for eight months out of the year would be cool...not when the closest thing you have to Disneyland is the World of Disney Store on Madison.


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      Thanks for some shots of the Tiki Room, any more from anyone, now that it is officially open?
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        Excellent update! The outside of Tiki looks great!


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          They have folding chairs in the Tiki room, or is that just me and my wierd mind?
          ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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            thanks for helping us keep up to date! the pics really help those of us who can't get there as much as we'd like, and with about half the park coming unwrapped this week we're all hungry for a look.


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              Those tubes look like Neon Tubes for neon lights... Possibly.
              Thanks for the Photo update. :bow: It warms my heart to see the changes. Interesting what the Twain will look like.The Gold will be unique.
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                Geesh who else was there? I was there last night. I missed ya all!
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                  Excellent work Master Gracey! It is posters like you that make MiceChat such an amazing community.
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                    It's so nice to see the people mover track get a fresh coat of paint. The white and blue looks soo much better. It's like the whole place looks reborn. Who in their right mind would have picked gold and rust brown for tomorrowland.


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                      Those are beautiful. Thanks a bunch.
                      Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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                        Looks good


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                          MasterGracey nice picture you took at Tiki Wow look at my big butt

                          Walt's love of Trains!


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                            Wow... the folding chairs... they haven't been there since Walt's day...

                            Talk about restoring...


                            Honestly, I like the benches they have in WDW better than the chairs...


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                              Great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing

                              Can't wait to visit the Tiki Room!!!

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                                Wow...thanks for the pictures! Everything is looking great!
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                                  whoa, old fasioned folding chairs in the Tiki Room. I'm quite surprised we don't have benches in there.
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                                    Thanks for the photos, I just sat and stared at the PeopleMover track photo for about a minute, it's beautiful.


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                                      Originally posted by Disneyland RR Guy
                                      MasterGracey nice picture you took at Tiki Wow look at my big butt
                                      LOL It's not big it's just... rumpled.
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                                        Thanks for the photos.


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