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  • [Question] Fantasyland Theatre Stage

    Just read an article online that claimed the Fantasyland Theatre stage is the same one that was used at the US festival in the early 80's, has anyone ever heard this before?

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    Re: Fantasyland Theatre Stage

    Unlikely. The venue opened in 1985 with a show called Videopolis. Geared towards the younger crowd for a nightly concert type of event.


    - Videopolis (1985)
    • Sing'in' Dance'in' Heigh Ho (1987)
    • Circus Fantasy (1988)
    • Show Biz Is (1989)
    • One Man's Dream (December 16, 1989 - April 29, 1990)
    • Dick Tracy starring in Diamond Double Cross (June 15, 1990 - December 31, 1990)
    • Plane Crazy (March 15, 1991 - September 1991)
    • Mickey's Nutcracker (Christmas Seasons 1991 & 1992)
    • Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage (April 12, 1992 - April 30, 1995)
    • The Spirit of Pocahontas (June 23, 1995 - September 4, 1997)
    • Disney's Animazment - The Musical (June 18, 1998 - October 21, 2001)
    • Mickey's Detective School (2002–2003)
    • Minnie's Christmas Party (Christmas Seasons 2001 & 2002)
    • Snow White: An Enchanting Musical (February 2004 - September 2006)
    • Disney Princess Fantasy Faire (October 2006–August 2012)
    • ???? (Summer 2013-present)



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      Re: Fantasyland Theatre Stage

      It is true. Being a big Heavy Metal fan I have researched this before and the stage was moved from Glen Helen to Anaheim. The like of Van Halen,David Bowie, and The Clash Performed on that stage. So it should be put to GOOD USE!
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        Re: Fantasyland Theatre Stage

        Videopolis wasn't a show as much as a dance area


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          Re: Fantasyland Theatre Stage

          It's true -- they bought the stage from US Festival for Videopolis (a nighttime dance club concept not unlike what they do now at DCA sans liquor) and plopped that hideous thing in the middle of then-undeveloped Fantasyland space where it matched nothing at all, and the tent topper meant to hide it ruined the skyline behind the castle and StorybookLand.

          That's why it still looks like a temporary complex - - it is (for, like 30 years now). Even the bathrooms and snack bar were generic pre-fab buildings.

          Videopolis was one of those impulse Eisner-era schemes to make Disneyland more "relevant" to modern teens (see also Captain Eo) -- and they didn't care where it went (clearly the concept belonged in Tomorrowland, but the cool old open-air Space Stage pavillion under Space Mountain was enclosed to run 3-D movies/Eo. The Videopolis Stage by day also took over for the concerts and stage shows that had been in Tomorrowland).

          This was all highly controversial to Disneylanders back then, but in the days before internet we complained about it in person, at the park, at work, at school, on the phone, at parties and in print rather than on message boards. It was a real scandal back in those times when Disneyland was still relatively pure in design intent and theme.

          After Videopolis ran its course (turned out they didn't like the rowdy element it brought to Fantasyland), the stage was repurposed to hold the big stage shows, and they tried to cover it with some Fantasyland style facades and decoration and replaced trees. But you can still see today that the steel pipe skeleton of the complex looks nothing like a building designed to fit the area.
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